Bad Habits Never Die

Jenna moved to London. She was upset that she couldn't fall in love. She didn't want to. Will Zayn change her mind COMPLETELY? Find out


1. How to fall in love:

Zayn's POV:
I looked into her big beautiful brown eyes. How could I've let this happen? I was stupid. How did this even start? This all started when I chose to cheat on her. Now she was gonna go, and I I'll never see her again.

Chapter 1
Jenna's POV
London was big. Everything was good and happy. I was riding my bike through the park. There were very cute boys. But I only came here to see One Direction. I wasn't here to fall in love.

"How are you doing today, Ms.Charlene?" The news man said.

"Oh, I'm fine..." I sighed.

"No, something's wrong tell me." He said with concern in his eyes.

"Ok, fine. I'm single and there are so many boys out there! But I don't have money or time to fall in love," I said with tears filling up in my eyes.

"Oh I see, love." He said. His strong British accent washed over every word he said.

"I know," I said as tears fell from my eyes.

"Oh Hun, don't cry." He said. I sniffed and wiped my tears.

"There ya go, now let me see one of your famous smiles!" He said.

"Ok," I said while smiling.

"Aww, there ya go." He said.

I rode my bike down the path until the tire bumped on something. I went flying off my bike. Then i shut my eyes tight. I landed on something. But, it didn't hurt.

"It's ok love, you're not hurt." A British accent spoke up. I opened my eyes to see Zayn Malik from One Direction! My mouth dropped open to say something, but nothing came out.

"I-I-I'm so s-sorry-y" I stuttered. Great, I stuttered, now he'll think I'm a freak!

"Hahaha" he chuckled. Oh shit! I'm still in his arms!

Zayn's POV

She shifted her body weigh in my arms. Wait, she is still in my arms! This feels so right.

"So, umm, what happened?" I said trying not to sound awkward.

"Umm, I fell off my bike," she said trying not to laugh. She was biting down on her lip.

"Oh." I said. There was a short pause. Then we both shot out laughing. I put her on the ground and we fell back on the grass. She fell on me an laughed into my neck. She was so adorable. I played with her hair as she rested on my chest.
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