Bad Habits Never Die

Jenna moved to London. She was upset that she couldn't fall in love. She didn't want to. Will Zayn change her mind COMPLETELY? Find out


2. Coming over and the hate begins

Jenna's POV

He was playing with my hair while I laid my head on his chest.

"Do you wanna come to my apartment and hang out with the boys?" He asked me.

"S-sure" u stuttered. God I got to stop doing that.

Zayn's POV

She's so cut when she stutters.

"Kk see you then, babe" I said to her.

"Kk" she looked kind of sad that I had to go.

"I got to go sweetheart, can u have your number?" I asked her.

"Uhh kk " she said. She tore a piece of paper from her bag and took out a pen. I watched her as she wrote, 658-2096. She gave me the paper.

"Thanks, love" I said. She walked backwards as her eyes widened. I looked behind me and saw nothing. Then when I turned around. She was running towards me, she jumped and tackled me down with a hug. We both were laughing like crazy.

"Kk love call you later" I said to her.

"Kk bye" she said

---5 hours later---

Jenna POV

My phone rang and I picked it up with,


Ello love

Oh hi Zayn

Haha so I neve caught ur name babe

Oh Jenna

That sounds like Harry's sister g-

Gemma I know people always call me that

Oh sorry love

It's o-o-k

Haha I live when you stutter

Zayn's got a girlfriend Zayn's got a girlfriend

Who's that Zayn

Oh just the boys


Got to go babe

Kk can I come over?


Kk how dose 12 sound

Kk be there at 12

K bye

--end of phone call--

Well I better get ready.

I picked out a dark purple strapless dress that comes down to center thigh and it's puffy. With my black sparkly heels.

I got a text from Zayn

Z-hey babe u ready

J-yea r u competing to pick me up? :P

Z- yea love

J- k ;)

Z-be there in 5
Kk what can I do in 5 minuets? I'll go on twitter. I see a news thing.

"@zaynmalik and mystery girl go out in the park? What is this? What happened to Perrie? Is this a new couple?"

I read it over and over again. I scrolled down to the comments. Uh-oh, bad idea.

@zoo-loo145~ uh this whole "mystery girl" thing... She better not dare Zayn! She is so ugly and fat!

@sunshine221~ @zoo-loo145 don't hate cause ur not pretty like her!

@luvu! I agree she is ugly!

I hit reply and put:

Shut up! Stop hating cause y'all jealous! And maybe I AM DATING him!

I hit tweet and there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it to find Zayn.

"Shall we?" He says getting down on one knee and holding out his hand.

"We shall" I giggled grabbing his hand. We pranced to the car as if we were royalty.

"I can't wait to see the boys!" I say excitedly. He laughed and we drove off
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