Tug of War Love

This was written by my best friend i think its amazing but that's my opinion... Its about a girl named Logan going up loving one direction .. She was introduce to them at the age 13 and is now 18 she and her younger sister one day meet the boys and right of the bat they fall head over heels for her and her love life began stretching being pulled from each of the boys that leaves her not knowing what to do.. p.s it dosent quite begin so good..


2. Ya sure ok ...

" Ya , sure ok. " Then I ran to my room. " What to wear, What to wear " I moaned. I'm guessing Harlee overheard

because she ran to me holding my Cream colored dress. It ended midway at my thighs. I threw open my bag and reached for my mint colored

flats. In the right shoe lay my pearl necklace and matching bracelate, also mint colored. I put on my ring that I recieved as a gift one year. It has a Mint colored flower on it. After i got dressed, i decided to curl the ends of my long, straight hair. In the middle of brushing my teeth, there was a light knock on the door. I threw on some lipgloss and some eye shadow. " One moment, please" I gently yelled as i put on the finishing touch of masscarra.

Harrys pov: She walked out of her room and I felt like i was looking at an Angel. She looked down at her feet and the back up with a smile with her perfectly straight, white teeth. " What are we going to do " she mumbled. " Dinner" " Sounds good " .I grabbed hold of her hand then looked at her. She started to blush again. Once we were outside I told her that we had to walk, but that was fine with her.

Logans pov: We showed up at this Rec. Center. I gave Harry a Puzzled look. When he opened the door, my mouth dropped open. There was a pool ankle deep with a table in the middle, which was on a clear platform. There were no lights except the pool and the candles all around the room. I walked around finding a clear walkway that only one person at a time could walk down ata a time.

Harrys pov: Once she got to the edge I noticed her staring at the walkway. Before she could think about walking i picked her up bridal style.

She looked into my eyes and then smiled. It took me all I had not to kiss her. Once we sat down, we didn' t really eat. Niether of us were very hungy.

Logans pov: We sat down and weren' t really hungry so, we didn' t eat ... only talk. He asked me tons of questions. " Where you

ever a fan of us ? " " Yes, when I was 15. But I grew out of it. " I lied. "Who was your Favorite in the band ? " " I liked you all ... "

" Well then, in order " " 1. Niall, 2. You, 3. Liam, 4. Zayn and last Louis, but he had a girlfriend." i stated softly in the candle lit gym.

I swear we talked and laughed for hours. When we were done, we headed back holding hand, and running in circles like little kids.

After we walking to the hotel and up to room, Harry kissed me. I kissed him back. That turned into a makeout session rated PG-13.

We continued on walking. We got into the room and he pinned me against the wall. I pushed him away gently saying, " What's wrong ?

I met you today. " " Oh ya, sorry " I walked him out and gave him a goodnight kiss and I closed the door. I ran and ploped on the bed

and fell right to sleep.

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