Tug of War Love

This was written by my best friend i think its amazing but that's my opinion... Its about a girl named Logan going up loving one direction .. She was introduce to them at the age 13 and is now 18 she and her younger sister one day meet the boys and right of the bat they fall head over heels for her and her love life began stretching being pulled from each of the boys that leaves her not knowing what to do.. p.s it dosent quite begin so good..


1. The beginning

A young veteranarian lost in her dreams. 18 year old Logan  and 15 year old Harlee  face their ever growing love for a boy band... One Direction.

My sister and I are infatuated with 1D. Harlee prefers Zayn & Louis, on the other hand I like them all, but i pretended like I didn't when they were around. Harlee and I live together in Atlanta, Georgia. After years of saving money we went to the UK for their concert, but the tickets were sold out. It's only been a day since the annoncement of 1D performing at the Sc' hken Plaza in Great Britain. I am the owner of a Veteranarian Buisness and of course, I make a lot of money.Since the tickets were long gone, I spent all this money... Why not stay awhile ? To pass time we went to the Pre-concert booksigning party.My sister nudged me and whispered in my ear " They boys are staring at you ! " I turned my head in disbelief to find that she wasn't lying.They were definately staring. To them, I was a rather attractive Angel ... Perfect from head to toe.They started to walk toward me and I got nervous. Shyly i start to twirl my long blonde hair. " Hey " Harry said in his sweet accent. " Hello " I replied with butterflies swirling around in my stomach. " Are you coming to the concert ? " "We were going to " I said with a partial frown. " But, your sold out " Louis burst out with an idea, " Don' t worry your pretty little head, you can have the front row and backstage pass ! "There were no words to express my thanks. We went to the concert, sang our hearts out and had an amazing time. Following the concert, we went to a luxurious hotel. Very expensive but worth it. The pool was absolutely gorgious! Standing five stories high and vaccant. This was the perfect get-away. There were only two condos that were beautiful. Harlee knew everything about where they were staying. Turns out, we ended up in the same place. When Harlee and I were swimming the boys were supposed to be at their hotel. When I left the pool and began to dry my hair, thier Limo pulled up. The boys obnoxiously climbed out, scaring the driver a wee bit.

As they walked pass the pool, Louis yelled " Hey, look it's that gi-" cut off by Niall " She's gorgious" followed by Zayn, " Amazing " he said as he stared in admiration. " Whi-wheoo " Liam whistled. I walked to the lobbie. As soon as Harlee and I got in the elevator we heard the firmiliar voices.

Harlee lunged forward, preventing the elevator from closing. There stood the boys. I smiled, trying not to freak out ... all eyes were on me. I was

standing there, my hair still sopping wet. Then i felt myself blushing. I noticed that they were going to the same floor. There were only two condos,

were they next to us ? Niall broke the silence with a gentle " How are you ". " Swell, and you ? " Go-, the elevator bell interupted our small conversation. Haree and I walked to the room. Harry shouted, " BOB'S YOUR UNCLE! " I heard footsteps running our way. " Hey what's your

name ? " Harry shouted. Harlee unsure of whom he was talking to she yelled back with a grin, " Harlee ". " And you love ? " Logan " I said

softley, suddenly feeling tingley inside. " Sweet, well miss Logan, do you have any plans tonight ? " " No, why do you ask ? " " Can i take you out ? " Harry asked sweetly.

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