Tug of War Love

This was written by my best friend i think its amazing but that's my opinion... Its about a girl named Logan going up loving one direction .. She was introduce to them at the age 13 and is now 18 she and her younger sister one day meet the boys and right of the bat they fall head over heels for her and her love life began stretching being pulled from each of the boys that leaves her not knowing what to do.. p.s it dosent quite begin so good..


3. Next morning

- Next Morning -

I wake up to Harlee bouncing on the bed signing live while were young. I looked over my shoulder seeing the time was 9:53 am. I slowly

leaned up and dragged myself to the shower. Once I was done I knew I had to look amazing today. I ran to my suit case, rapped in a towel leaving wet footprints on the rug behind me coming from the bathroom into my room. It was a little nippy so I chose a long sleeve and shorts. My shirt was Orangeish-pinkish sweat shirt type thing with the word " LOVE " on the front in white letters. My shorts are white and im wearing sperry's or what often get called boat-shoes. Then i curled my hair giving a natural look. I put on the ssame makeup that

I had on last night. I call it my daily makeup. I walked in the small kitchen and got out some eggs and waffle mix to cook Harlee and I some breakfast. I grabbed some Milk and Orange juice to drink. There was a knock on the door. Harlee yelled " Got It ! " She swiftly ran

to the door. She flung it open and Niall was standing there, a smile on his face. I stopped what I was doing and walked to the door only

find Harlee staring at him. I interrupted her glare with a simple questionary " Yes ? " Then Niall grabbed my arm and was almost jogging to their flatt. Harlee then sprinted up the the hall getting there before we did.

Zayns pov: I overheard Harry and Niall talking about inviting Logan an her sister to breakfast. Then I heard the flatt door open and then close again. Within 3 minutes everyone was at the huge tabe while Harry cooked some pancakes and Liam washed some apples and

oranges. 2 seconds Niall entered followed by logan and her sister. Logan looked absolutely amazing, just beautiful.




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