is about a girl named Yarelis she went to school like a normal girl but inside she was in love with her classmate Niall Horan his and his friends never notice her unitll one day they get stuck in the same classroom they meet and both end up having feelings for eachother


7. wow what a suprise


 so these last couple of days i've been in  morning sickness so i got a test to see if i was pergnant  when i got the test it said yes i was pregnant and it was nialls baby so i called him told him the news he was happy and said i was going to be a dad and we talked about his ex that there was nothing between them and that he loved me only so he was going to fly back to ireland 



 i was about to be a dad and it was from the prettiest girl in the world and i was going back when i got there i went right to yarelis house  when i got there i knew pregnant people will have morning  sickness so i saw yarelis in the bathroom okay now i helped her by playing with her help so she said can we go to the hospital and we went the doctor put the jelly and put it on her belly and she giggled  when the doctor saw the baby he already knew the gender you are going to have twins two girls my mouth opened up wide and yarelis started to cry she called her mom and told the news her mom was  super happy and started to buy little girl clothes and started to pick names we started to laugh then we thanked her she said we need a babyshower than we started planning

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