is about a girl named Yarelis she went to school like a normal girl but inside she was in love with her classmate Niall Horan his and his friends never notice her unitll one day they get stuck in the same classroom they meet and both end up having feelings for eachother


5. wow she is perfect <3


 so today was the first dating day so she just thinks we are going to the mall  but we are going to her moms house to persent me to her parents when i went to pick her  up she had a yellow see through  blouse with skinny jeans and she looked perfect so when we got there i told her my plan she had an happy face she said thank you i was so happy when she said that when i parked we went in the house her mom said hi to me in a hug and was very happy so you are the famous niall horan yes i said how did you know my name i said when she was passing a cup of tea  well yarelis had a crush on you since dah  yarelis blushed so you guys meet each other when her mother asked yesturday then thirteen minutes passed and we went back to yarelis house i was late but i asked why her dad wasnt there she said because they were divorced then i went inside with her then i feel asleep in the couch and she kissed  me good night  she was perfect

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