is about a girl named Yarelis she went to school like a normal girl but inside she was in love with her classmate Niall Horan his and his friends never notice her unitll one day they get stuck in the same classroom they meet and both end up having feelings for eachother


2. what did he say

 NIall,s POV 

i gave her my  phone number because she  should call me  Im going to  ask her out but how I cant even talk when  I am  around  yarelis she is pretty  niall come yarelis  is calling my friend  liam said  I answered  her voice was perfect hello yarelis niall said hello she said she said can we talk at starbucks she said I was super exicted  yes I said well meet you there yarelis said  

  Yarelis POV 

 hi I said to niall how are you  he said great  so niall I called you to come because I needed  to talk you  about school his face got red he said can I say  something first okay I said  I love you he said that's what  he said my face looked surprised  what did he say  I said  I looked you since he said  I just left he loved me  wow he ran after me I went back to my house and he stopped  running after me

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