is about a girl named Yarelis she went to school like a normal girl but inside she was in love with her classmate Niall Horan his and his friends never notice her unitll one day they get stuck in the same classroom they meet and both end up having feelings for eachother


6. we are broken up


its been three weeks since yarelis and me have been dating and today was the day i was about to ask her if i can move in her house just for a few days so i went to her house and said can we have a talk she said yes so i told her the news she said yes of course but you can only  bring you special stuff okay then i got back to my house packed all my special stuff and went back to her's she was already doing dinner hey babe she said hello princess i said so what you cooking i said  grilled chicken with rice she said my mouth watered i love when she cooks so we ate and went to bed and we started talking and kissing then we did it wow best night of my life wow



 i loved last night we did it wait i had school wake up niall i said  he said fine and we got dressed and then went to school in his car not fair i said to him i should  be driving my car he said but you cant  we got  to school  and a bunch of kids staring at us  i told niall just say we are close friends i dont want hate or anything else like gossip the niall said no and yelled me and yarelis are dating got a problem and everyone kept staring and when i got to my locker a mean girl came up to me and said you should die you should not be with niall whore than i started to cry i told niall there was going to be hate and it happend  then niall heard the girls and started to talk to them mad and angrily way  then came to me and hugged me everything is going to be alright got it 



i left niall but i still have feeling for him so i am going back to ireland  when i did i heard some girls gossiping about niall and this girl yarelis who is she so i went and found her address when i got there i knocked and a girl came out she was pretty and then when she opened i heard niall say who is that sweetie 



 there was this girl named amanda  when niall  saw her his face was angry i cutie she said to him and  kissed him in the cheek and i said who are you niall's girlfriend and who are you she said yarelis i said back okay niall where have you been niall  she said and then i said niall leave out of my house and we are broken up then i started packing for him he came running i said how could you i falled for your trick that you loved me now you have another girlfriend i say  he said she is my ex i dont care you are leaving then i threw his bags out the door and he left i kept crying



 i was so angry i left to my dad in america i couldn't live here now because i got broken up by the person i loved the most and the ugly ex of mine had to come and i was in love the yarelis i srewed up this time real big so i decied to buy a plane  ticket to america then this happend

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