is about a girl named Yarelis she went to school like a normal girl but inside she was in love with her classmate Niall Horan his and his friends never notice her unitll one day they get stuck in the same classroom they meet and both end up having feelings for eachother


3. okay yes

  Niall POV 

so she just left i think she was  scared  okay now let me call her to see if she would answer  but she didnt so i went  to her house she answered okay yarelis we need to talk because you need to say what you were  gonna say yesturday in  starbucks  okay i will  tell you what i was about to say she said come in so i did okay i was about to say i had an crush on you but then you sayed you loved me i got freaked out and i thought you thought i was a nerd but you didnt but then i kiss her so she could know i really did love her

 Yarelis POV 

 when i finished he kissed me wow when i kissed back when we both pulled away he said okay  so are we a couple now  or we still friends we are a couple but please dont tell everyone now everyone is gonna say bad things about me  no they wont he said  do you leave alone he said i said yes why he answered because you are only 17 and you have your own house he said i said yeah my parents bought me this house early at 16 but they said i have to move in at 17 they bought me it because of college so can tomorrow can we go to the mall  he said of course i said but then he giggled because i was blushing stop i said then he left  wow my dream is coming true 

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