A Night I Will NEVER Forget

Ever since Emma's night could'nt get anyworse. She finds herself lost, confused, tired and helpless. Thanks to a cheeky, gorgeous brown curly haired and emerald green eyed boy her life keeps getting better and better until...


9. Welcome home

Harry's POV:

She looked beautiful in that dress and I'm so happy she listened to me and didn't jump. We were sitting down and I decided to start some conversation." What's your name by the way? I never caught it" I said. "sorry, It's Emma " she said barely smiling" So why are you in such a beautiful dress?" I said with a scheeky smile. She started to cry. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry forget that I said that! " " It's okay" she said. Her tears started to go away. " Last night was my school prom. My boyfriend told me he was sick so he couldn't make it so my best friend made me go anyway. I was walking out of the bathroom and heard talking so I went to see my boyfriend kissing my best friend Katelyn! I left and just kept running until I made it here. My dad use to take me here all the time" she said sadly. " I'm so sorry! What and awful boyfriend and best friend I can tell you right now you dont deserve them! Do you want to call your parents or something" I said hoping to make her feel better. " My parents both past away a few years ago so no, but thank you for offering" she said so sweetly " Oh, I can't believe myself right now! Everything is wrong to say! Maybe I should just stop talking? If you have no where to go, come back to my house and you can stay there for a bit. Im home now for two weeks and then the boys are coming for another two weeks to hangout" I said.

Emma's POV:

He is so sweet, and seems like a great guy. I think I like him, and he offered for me to stay at his house with him, how could I pass this down. " Sure, thanks so much! I don't want to be an intruder though" I said acting surprised at the fact he asked. " Don't worry about it! You won't be an intruder, I invited you remeber?" He said with the cutest smile on his face. We got up and walked to his house. It was a cute medium sized house. As soon as we walked in I could smell a nice chicken dinner being cooked. " Mom, I'm back and there's someone I want you to meet" He screamed into the kitchen at his mom. " Okay, one second honey!" she replied. " Mom, meet Emma. Emma, meet my mom Anne" Harry said. I shook her hand, and she came right in for a hug. " Hi, Emma! You are such a beautiful young lady" she said with the biggest grin on her face. " Thank-you Mrs.Styles" I replied. " Oh please hunney, call me Anne! It makes me feel old when people call me Mrs. Styles" she said laughing a little." Uhm, mom is it okay if Emma stays here with us for a little bit, she has no where to go right now?" Harry asked with his hands pleading in front of her face. " Of course Harry! She can stay as long as she likes" I'm so happy his mom said yes. I really did want to get to know him better. Harry took me into the living room. There was a gorgeous girl who looked to be just a few years older than me and a man sitting on the couch watching the t.v. " Gemma, Robin... I would like you to meet my friend Emma! She is going to be staying here with us for a while." His face lit up when he said those least few words. " Hello Emma, I'm Robin Harry's stepfather" He said with a deep raspy voice. " And I'm obviously Gemma, Harry's older sister! If you need anything let me now! I think we could become great friends"  I was surrised at how enthusiastic she was. " Oh Gemma, can she borrow some of your clothes for a bit, she doesn't have any clothes right now and I'm sure she wants to get out of the dress" Harry asked. " Of course, come withe me Emma and we can get you cleaned up" Gemma said. and with that she was leading me to her walk in closet.

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