A Night I Will NEVER Forget

Ever since Emma's night could'nt get anyworse. She finds herself lost, confused, tired and helpless. Thanks to a cheeky, gorgeous brown curly haired and emerald green eyed boy her life keeps getting better and better until...


2. School

Emma's POV:

*HONK HONK* I pounded on the horn alarming Katelyn I was here to pick her up! I saw her scrambling inside the door looking for something! Typical katelyn, always loosing everything of hers! She jumped in the car and we were on our way to school! Thankfully our lockers were near by! I put my things in my locker, grabbed my books and headed over to her locker!

Katelyn's POV: "HEEY, Long time no see" I said to Emma as I saw her walking to my locker! "Only like 3 years!" she said with a smirk on her face. As the bell rang we both headed to our first period class which we had together Math. Math is my least favorite class! Austin is in our classes, amking me be the third wheel yet again. I like the fact that my best friennd is in love, and he loves her but sometime their lovey dovey lives get in the way of our friendship!

Emma' Pov:

The bell rang as all the students filled the halls making it very difficult to move! After I packed all my homework and grabbed my phone I headed over to Katelyn's locker. " Dress shopping here we come!!" I screamed down the almost empty halls. "Oh Joy" she replies in a sarcastic tone! "You Love Me" I said as we headed to my car. " Where should we go first?" I asked her "the usual and then dress shopping, I work greaat at looking for nice dresses when I have a good icedcap in hand" " Okay , DEAL" I replied as I pulled into a Tim Hortons. We ordered and were of to our first stop the Mall.


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