A Night I Will NEVER Forget

Ever since Emma's night could'nt get anyworse. She finds herself lost, confused, tired and helpless. Thanks to a cheeky, gorgeous brown curly haired and emerald green eyed boy her life keeps getting better and better until...


4. Prom Night!

Emma's POV: After school the next day Kate was at my flat helping me get ready! She wasnt that expirienced with hair products so she just straighned my long dark hair for me! I then applied the usuall for make-up consisting mascara, eyeliner and some silver sparkly eye shadow to make my eyes stand out! I couldn't believe this was the big night I had been waiting for since I was 12 years old. As we were getting ready to leave I got a devistating text maessage that made my stomach twist. Text message from Austin <3: Heey babe, I'm terribly sorry but I'm not feeling that well so I don't think I will be able to make it to Prom tonight, sorry again" I immediately started to cry. " What's wrong Emma?" Katelyn pretty much screamed from the kitchen. " Austin said he can't make it to prom tonight, My whole night, week and month is now ruined!" I hardly got out through my tears. I knew social media wasnt going to do anything but it didnt matter, i quickly updated my status on my iphone to " Austin's sick </3, no prom for me tonight! :("

Katelyn's POV:

I knew how long Emma has been waiting for this night and I wasnt going to let her down now! I got her up off the couch and walked out into the hall with her. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?" She practically screamedd. " I'm not letting you down, not now and not ever! We are going to prom, and I just so happen to be your date!" I said with laughter in my voice! " Oh my gosh! This si exactly why you are  my best friend! " she said as she hugged me, not trying to scrunch up her dress. "Get in the car and clean the mascara off of your cheek, We have to make a good entrance" I said to cheer her up. She laughed, we rolled down the window, cranked One way or another by One Direction as we screamed out the window the lyrics, on our way to the school.


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