A Night I Will NEVER Forget

Ever since Emma's night could'nt get anyworse. She finds herself lost, confused, tired and helpless. Thanks to a cheeky, gorgeous brown curly haired and emerald green eyed boy her life keeps getting better and better until...


5. Kayla..Picking fights yet again

Emma's POV:

As soon as we opened the door to the gym I immediately saw all eyes turn to us, they were starring like I was walking in wearing a meat dress. They obviously noticed the fact that Austin wasn't by my side. Especially Kayla. Kayla was my worst nightmare. She has taunted me ever since kindergarten. She always was making fun of my clothes and hair. She really stepped over the line one day in early november, I remembered it clearly. It was the day my parents died. She kept calling my and orphan and asking me if I could afford enough food for myself since I had no parents. She got the best of me and I tackled her to the ground, a teacher caught me dropping her to the ground and I got suspended for a week. I hated anything and everything about Kayla. Even her name made me cringe and Katelyn knew just how I felt about her

Katelyn's POV:

I knew Kayla was looking for a fight tonight with Emma because she saw that Austin wasnt with her. As Kayla started walking over to us I knew things were going to take a bad turn. " Did your boyfriend ditch you because you look like a bull tonight tonight, Emma?" She said practically spitting in Emma's face. I could hear her possy laughing behind her at her smak remark. "NO, He was sick so he couldnt make it"  Emma said shyly. "Sure, That's why he told me he wanted to break up with you earlier today?" I knew she was just trying to get at Emma so I quickly told Emma I was thirsty and she got my point and we walked away with Kayla and her friends laughing as we walked to the drinks.


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