A Night I Will NEVER Forget

Ever since Emma's night could'nt get anyworse. She finds herself lost, confused, tired and helpless. Thanks to a cheeky, gorgeous brown curly haired and emerald green eyed boy her life keeps getting better and better until...


6. Austin's POV

Austin's POV:

I knew how much this night ment to Emma but I couldnt go with her. I dont know why I havent broken up with her yet. I lost feelings for her a week into our relationship but she seemed to really like me so I couldn't end it then and from there it has just dragged on. I told her I was feeling sick tonight, when I actually wasnt. I felt guilty but I knew that it was for the best. As soon as I saw her status on Facebook saying that she wasnt going to prom because of me I knew that it was my time to shine. I quicklt threw on my tux, grabbed my coat and car keys and ran out the door. Tonight I was going to find a girl for me, that I really liked.

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