Friend Request

before it all happened Thomas was a popular 16 year old, but he learns to be careful who he adds over the internet...


3. Okay, you got me!

"Sweetie, time to get up, you'll be late for school," 

"Ok Mum, I'll be up in a second,"

"Alright honey, I'll be downstairs making breakfast,"

I chuck everything I need in my bag and... Okay what the heck is going on? More freaking rustling?! I am seriously getting sick of this. It's got to stop! 



Wait, what was that? Did someone just say 'crap'? It must not have been a guy, it sounded like a girl and they also sounded as if they were panicking to get away, maybe this links to the purse and camera? Or maybe thats what my friends want me to think... JERKS they set me up, but haha it's actually kinda funny. This is going to be an interesting day at school. 


"Hey mum sorry I don't have enough time to eat, see you after school,"

"Oh, um okay? Bye?"

I smile at her and close the door,I go to check my watch, yep the bus is late once again, okay thats weird, it's now here?I give the bus driver my ticket and he gives me a dirty look, I walk up to the back of the bus and take a seat. I'm not sure how to feel? Am I suppose to be happy, angry or sad? I don't know! It kinda pisses me off! Well it's my best mate Jared's stop next, maybe he can explain to me what is going on. 

"Hey, Tom! Whats up?"

"Dude don't play innocent with me,"

"What has gotten into you?"

"Why are you trying to scare me? I thought i was getting stalked or something?"

"Have you been drinking?" 

"NO! And who is Tracy Baxter?! Some chick you and the guys made up? clever,"

"Okay listen mate, I can honestly tell youI have no part in this, I have no clue what you are talking about, maybe you should ask Grace?"

"Why would my girlfriend have anything to do with it?" 

"I don't know, just a suggestion. well you can now because we are at school"

Okay so maybe Jared is telling the truth, if he was lying to me he would have owned up by now, I might take his advice and talk to Grace after all. Oh here she is.

"Hey babe,"

"Oh hey cutie, how are you?"

"Fine thanks, um? do you know anyone called Tracy Baxter?"

"I think so, she added me on Facebook, why?"

"Oh nothing important,"

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