Friend Request

before it all happened Thomas was a popular 16 year old, but he learns to be careful who he adds over the internet...


1. Monday Morning

"TOM WAKE UP ITS 8:50!" ugh another school day and i'm late once again! I try to tell my sister to shut up but she's shouting over me. "LUCY NICK OFF, I'M AWAKE" 

"Okay whatever, Mum made breakfast, see you downstairs loser!"

I get out of bed and try to get my clothes on. I get frightened something is rustling around in the bushes outside, i look out the window to find a disposable camera. alright then...

I walk downstairs into the kitchen.

"Good morning honey, how did you sleep?" 

"Fine thanks, Mum," 

I sit down to eat my breakfast, bacon and eggs, everything seems fine but i still don't understand what the rustling was and why their was a camera outside, oh well.

"See ya, Mum!" 

"Bye honey! have a good day!"

I wait for the bus outside my house


Oh sweet a text.


hey m8 u coming 2 skool?!



u kno it!

just as I send my text the bus came, another school week hallelujah! 

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