Friend Request

before it all happened Thomas was a popular 16 year old, but he learns to be careful who he adds over the internet...


8. A series of unfortunate events

I'm glad to be finally home, I honestly want a simple life from now on, but I can't really when my girlfriend almost killed me. So at the moment Lucy is at school and I'm at home in the lounge room with my Mum, eating a piece of vegemite and jam toast (my personal favourite). We were watching an interesting program until a sudden news report came on.

"There has been a murder in one of Peppermint streets dumpsters, a girls body has been found with no face."

"Hey sweetie, doesn't that look like grace?" asked my Mum.

"She has apparently got a boyfriend and news reporters are coming to his place immediately to get an interview,"

"MUM!" I yelled.


My mother immediately got up to answer the door,

"Hello, does Tom Hamilton live here?"

"yes he does, would you like to come in?"

I was hoping she wouldn't say that, a huge flock of news reporters come pilling in.



"SHUT UP!" screamed my mother.

"Well I'm in a wheel chair because some one attempted to murder me and it was Grace. And I used to love her, but not after what she did to me,"

"Sweetie, you never told me that?"


My mother runs to the door and lets the officers inside,

"We heard about everything that has happened, so now all we need to do is take a look around your house, now where exactly did the killer stab you?"

"Upstairs in my bedroom,"

Two police officers help me up the stairs followed by the film crew and my mother. 

"So Tom can you tell us what you remember?"

"Well there was this girl named Tracy Baxter who added me on Facebook, she started talking to me and I got creeped out so I logged off Facebook, the last thing she said to me that day was 'you will regret this',"

"thats all we need to know about the Facebook chat, so what happened when you got stabbed?"

"Well I was on Facebook again and she told me she killed her old boyfriend, I yelled 'PSYCHO' but not on Facebook but in my room and she replied 'that wasn't very nice', so I got up and yelled 'where are you?' then a voice said 'I'm right behind you' I felt a sharp pain in my ribs and fell to the ground, I somehow rolled onto my back and saw a faint image of Graces face, but I can recognise her from a mile away and then just before I passed out I heard a voice say 'I told you, you would regret it' then everything went black," 

"Scary stuff, do you mind if we have a look around your room for evidence?" 

"Knock yourself out," I replied 
Three officers started looking around my room until...

"Hey Chief, take a look at this!"

They turned around and held something up to me. 

My face went pale, I froze and my heart dropped, there in front of me was Graces face.


The end,

Please comment what you think and tell me what kind of stories I should write next. xx

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