Avenged Love

This is for the Hunger Games competition. I am writing this on the very last day of the competition as well, so.... Here goes nothing!


1. Avenged Love.

A young girl gazed up at the giant screen set up in the middle of the square. As did everyone else, their eyes unwavering. A glimmer of hope alive inside as they watched the final three competitors of the 74th Annual Hunger Games compete for the name of Victor, one being from their District. It was all moving so quickly as the mutant beasts chased after them to the Cornucopia. Cato Hadley, the male tribute from District 2, managed to clamber onto the top of it, the others close behind. Again, everything moved so quickly and before you knew it, Cato was falling to his death. Everyone seemed utterly shocked that two people from District 12 could beat Cato, who had been training his whole life for this. Everyone was up roared with rage and horror at the result of the Games, as a single tear ran down the young girl's cheek. You see, that is not just any young girl, but the sibling of the boy who has just meet his death in the games. The sorrow of the eleven year old was soon also filled with anger and rage; she will get her revenge.

I heard birds chirping outside of our cozy house, Mockingjays to be exact. I flickered my eyes open to be met with the light of the early morning. Stretching my arms and sitting up, I glanced around my room before realising what today was. Today, was reaping day. A small smirk made its way across my face as I sprung out of bed and padded my way down the stairs to be greeted with the inviting smell of pancakes, my favorite. Making my way into the kitchen, I saw mother slaving away at the stove. She hadn't seen me yet so I walked up behind her and snaked my arms around her waist.
'Morning Mother!!!' I said rather enthusiastically, considering I have just woken up. She jumped slightly, but calmed once realising it was me.
'Good Morning Cry,' she replied whilst plating up the pancakes and setting them down on our round table. I washed my hands and sat down in my usual spot as I heard a pair of feet making there way down the staircase. I turned to see father appear in the open downstairs area.
'Morning Father!!!' I exclaimed before turning and demolishing my share of pancakes. I felt him kiss the top of my head as he passed me to him seat, something he would always do.

Once finished, I excused myself from the table and made my way back upstairs to take a long, relaxing shower. After doing my business I dried myself off and got changed into something appropriate for the reaping. I curled my hair and waterfall-braided some bit back and secured them with a bow. Finally, I applied my makeup before walking over to my full length mirror, happy with my apperance. I walked downstairs to be greeted by a beaming mother, offering her hand out to me. I gladly took it as we made out way down to the square, led by father.
'You look beautiful Cry,' my mother whispered into my ear as we made it to the square. I smiled back at her as I made my way to the line in which they sign you in. The prick on my finger pinched a bit, but it wasn't too bad. I made my way towards the line of twelve year olds and stood at the end of the line by myself; I don't have any friends.

Gazing up at the stage set up before us, I watched as Tori Gringott, our Capitol representative, made her way up to the microphone.
'Welcome, to the 75th Annual Hunger Games!' She squeaked, with her distinct Capitol accent. 'As you may also know, this year is extra special as it is a Quarter Quell, so their will be a twist in these games,' she continued. Of course, I had forgotten about the Quarter Quell, I wonder what the twist will b this year. I had watched repeats of the other two Quarter Quells, and they weren't pretty. I guess that is why the are Quarter Quells though, more brutal and destructive. I must have been in thought for a while as when I came back around to reality the video they play us every year was coming to a close. 'Well, without further ado, let's switch our attentions to President Snow to find out the twist in this years Quarter Quell.'

We all turned our focus back to the screen to be greeted by President Snow sat in a rather luxurious looking office at a desk.
'Greetings Districts, here, in my hand, I have the envelope concealing what lies ahead for this years Quarter Quell.' He said whilst holding up a large brown, important looking envelope. Everyone was silent as he broke the seal on it and opened his mouth to speak.

'This year, each district will not hold a reaping. Instead, they will bear two former tributes: victors. There will be a male and female victor sent from each district.' Woah, I was not seeing that coming! 'If your district does not have one of either to put forward, then reaping will go on as usual for that specific one. May the odds be ever in your favor.' He sneered, before the screen turned black and the attention was turned back to Tori.

'Well, a hand for District 2's Male Tribute, Brutus!' Tori announced as Brutus made his way up the stairs to the stage, wearing the signature District 2 blood-thirst, smirk. 'Now, as we do not have a female tribute anymore' she started, what? What about Enobar- 'Unfortunatley, last night Enobaria was... removed from District 2.' Oh, removed. Ok. 'So, we shall select another female tribute to go in to the Quarter Quell.'

She made her way towards the large, glass bowl. She hesitated over different slips, but then suddenly grabbed on to the left of the bowl. She stood back in front of the microphone and spoke clearly into it. The square went silent as a name slipped from her mouth.

'Crystal Hadley.'

The district went silent as I made my way up to the stage, a small, but noticable, smirk making it way upon my face. In a way I was actually glad I got picked, I'm just slightly worried at the fact I will be the only one going in there that hasn't made it out once before. I shook that thought out of my head as I stood on the stage next to Tori, Brutus on her other side towering over the both of us. Hmmm, maybe I could play this whole 'innocent twelve year old, never been in the Hunger Games before' facade to my advantage. As I looked over the people of District 2, I put on a slightly scared face, which looked as if it was trying to be covered up. I think it worked as Tori placed her arm around me as we made a bee-line straight for the train. I guess there is no visits from parents this year.

Once on the train, in our designated District 2 segment, we, more like I, was directed to the small, but luxurious, living-type area with three comfy chairs. Normally, in the games the tributes are mentored by victors, but as in this Quarter Quell the victors are the tributes, we're basically on our own, if I blunten-down what Tori explained. I was not too bothered about this as I could play my own game, without the influence of others trying to disturb my game plan. It would take a while to get to the Capitol as we were only at District 2 and still needed to pick up District 1 and then make our way to the Capitol, which we would not reach until morning. I decided to sit down and eat a little something before finding my own way to my little room and taking a shower, not realising until now just how late it has gotten. After a while of trying to figure out the fancy, complex showers, I got out, smelling of vanilla, and dried myself off. Searching through the draws, they did not have many child-friendly pajamas, most of them all silky and skimpy. Instead I opted for a baggy white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. Crawling into bed, I realised just how tired I was and fell into a suprsingly peaceful, dreamless sleep.

I was woken by a slight tap on my door, sometimes I am glad I am such a light sleeper. I flutter my eyes open and clamber out of bed, making my way towards the door. Opening it, I find it is Tori.
'Time to get up, sweetie. Breakfast will be on the table when you're ready.' I nodded my head and jumped out of bed. Luckily, I am good with mornings. I made my way over to the dresser and found that the clothes weren't that bad, compared to the pajamas. Once ready, after sorting the last bits of my hair out and checking I looked presentable, I smiled at myself in the full-length mirror before making my way out to our main area.

Sat down eating breakfast, there was a lingering silence. Not one filled with awkwardness, but more of a... comfortable silence. Giving me time to think over my game plan. If you were to just look at m, I do not look twelve years old. However, I am extremely short, especially compared to Brutus who was currently sitting to my right, shoveling his food down. You would have thought he hadn't ate for a week. Suddenly, the carriage was completely overcome with darkness, making me jump ever so slightly.

'Calm down, love. We're here.' Brutus said in his deep, husky voice whilst chuckling slightly at my knowledge of what was going on. I just pulled a weak smile up at him before walking up towards the window as light found its way back into the carriage, also revealing the thousands of screaming Capitol members trying to catch glimpses of the tributes whom will soon emerge from the train District by District. I decided to get on their good sides and beamed a grin and waved really enthusiastically at them all. Some I even gave a little wink or blew a kiss to. That really made them cheer. After a few minutes the train came to a complete stop and after another ten minutes the doors to our carriage opened and our ears were bombarded with the ear-splitting, full force of the Capitol. It carried on like that until we reached the doors to the center we would be residing in for the next couple days. Somehow through all of that cheering and screaming I still managed to keep that goofy smile plastered on my face.

We were then shown up to our rooms and left to change into our training gear as training would commence immediately.


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