The Way We Used To Be! (1D Love Story)

Stephanie Parkson was a typical american girl, in Florida was her best friend, Niall Horan, they were inseparable!

They lived in Florida for about two years when Stephanie's father suddenly announced his new job in Washington. She didn't like the fact how she would have to say goodbye. She was scared she would loose contact with Niall. Guess what, she did.

After another two years, her father and mother split, Stephanie's mom, Angie, took custody of Stephanie. Once again, moving to another state. This time it had an advantage, sun kissed beaches and hot boys. The beautiful state of California.

What happened when she enrols in Beverly High School? A private school. One that came with memories. She saw her old friend. The one she hasn't seen in 4 years. Niall was an entirely different boy, puberty had hit him. Girls surrounded him. New friends.

What did Stephanie think? Did Niall remember her? What was going to happen? Would relationships go back to the way they used to be? Or not?


2. New School. New State. New Me.

Stephanie's POV

"First year of high school and you're leaving, you've got to be kidding me!" Mary said with anger.

"My mother and father... split!" My voice cracked on the last word.

"Wait, when did this happen?" Her voice softened down and she actually started to listen.

Mary was my best friend... in Washington. Everyday I thought of Niall.... but then Mary came along and Niall just vanished in both my head and heart.

She was no where compared to Niall but she made me feel happy and wanted. She filled in the job of a best friend.

"Last month. Divorce papers were flying around like crazy and I got scared, so I didn't tell a soul. After going into court, the judge decided that my mom would get custody of me, which means my father is leaving. But, my mom said she wanted to move and let my dad stay in the house. We are practically taking all he owns." 

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I wish I knew...." She put her hands on my shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze.

Mary was honestly an amazing friend. She had her bad moments and moods but it was still worth being her friend.

"I'll miss you." We both said in unison.

"Jinx!" We both said at the same time again.

We laughed it off and we made the day as memorable as possible.

A week later...

As my mom and I parked in the drive way.... I was taken away by the beauty of our house. We had grabbed a top 10 mansion in Cali. It was very close to The Hollywood Sign. The place was beautiful and exquisite. It looked so elegant with the chandeliers that were hung high up on the ceilings. I had not seen pictures of this house because my mom said it would be a surprise. What a surprise it was. 

We unpacked our things and settled in. That took pretty much the whole day.

Next day...

My mom drove me to Beverly High. It was a local private school. In Washington, private schools were considered snooty, especially the students. Now... I'll be in one of the schools. 

Mom parked in front of the  foyer and we both walked out. The sun was shining in my eyes, it was 7:30am in mid May. I was wearing a beach tank top, a pair of light blue jean shorts, a Hollister scarf, and a pair of neon-pink converse. My wavy brown hair was all natural, with no products or colouring. It was mid back length. 

My mom walked back out form the office and gave me a big grin. "Have a good day at school, sweetie." 

I took a step back before she decided to embarrass me by giving me a big kiss on my forehead.

"Bye." I waved.

She walked back to her car as I walked around. There was still ten minutes to spare until class started. I took out my sketch pad and pencil, I took a seat at one of the benches and started to draw. I was drawing a sketch of people in the yard, and kids playing. Drawing was always a way of relaxation for me. 

My thoughts were interrupted when the bell rang. I collected my pencils and sketchbook and walked to the entrance. 

I had my schedule in one hand and my bag on the other. 

"First period Math with Ms.Jamie." I thought aloud.

It took me about four minutes before I found my locker. I turned the lock and punched in my combination. The locker flung open, almost hitting me in my face. 

I put in my bag, took out my books and headed in the direction of Ms.Jamie's class. It felt awkward walking in, I hated the fact how I always moved in the middle of the year. It was ridiculously stupid to move a month and a half before grade 9 ended. 

When I walked into class, Ms.Jamie led me to the front of the room and introduced me to everyone. "This is our newest student. Stephanie Parkson." 

Everyone said, "Hello," as I took a seat. 

I turned a bit red, I always had a problem with being in front of crowds. 

"I'm April." The girl with dark brown hair in beside me whispered.

"I'm Steph." I replied without making eye-contact. 

"Wait for me after class, I'll show you around." 

I grinned, "Thanks."

My focus turned back to my textbook. 

Author's message:

Wow! This movella has had a great response. 24 likes, 40 favourites, and 137 views. I've spent all day trying to conjure up a new chapter and finally succeeded! Hope you enjoy. Till next time, -Kelly :)

I'll be leaving on a 3-day trip (Monday to Wednesday) so I will not be updating between those days. 

[Posted on March 3, 2013 @ 2:21pm]

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