The Huntsmen's Mistakes

It was his fault, his fault that the witch died. It was his fault that Snow turned evil...Not he must set things right, he must save the village from their new evil queen, even if that costs him his own life.


9. The Worst of the Worst


I closed my eyes, not the smartest thing to do in a maze full of spiders. I listened once more, a loud screech, and the clicking sound grew softer. I hoped he had not sensed me, he had not smelled me, please no, not spiders.  These spiders grew to become over fifteen feet tall, there bights were full of deadly venom, their eyes could kill...Their name was the Medusa Spiders, they could turn you to stone if you looked them in the eyes.

Silence.I waited. More silence. Thinking it was safe I opened my eyes, right in front of me a spider sat watching me, its mouth had big drops of drool coming down the sides. I stood as still as I could possible be, its red glowing eyes watching me, studying me, deciding if I was worth eating or not. I must not look him in the eyes, that would be the death of me. So there was sat, him watching me and me trying no to watch him. One of us had to move eventually, right?

The spider moved his head and screeched, he had teeth. Now I may have forgotten to remember this, well I did forget, these weren't just Medusa Spiders, they were Medusa Spiders with real teeth. Rows and rows of spiky teeth sparkled in his ugly mouth. As the spider called his buddies, I decided, I did not want to become spider food and ran. He remained screeching, oddly enough, he did not notice me leaving, or he did and did not care.

I ran and ran until my head hurt,my legs could go no longer, I ran until I could not breathe anymore. So I stopped, leaning against a wall I sunk to the ground and tried to steady my breathing. Calm Huntsmen, calm yourself, steady your breathing, you'll be fine more or less. I needed to trust in my self, I needed to remember, Snow would not allow me to be killed, she just wanted to see how strong I was. Fair enough I guess, I would show her my strength and maybe she would let me run around the castle...That was when I remembered Snow had said trails, trails with an s meaning more than one. I sighed and stood up once more, this was going to be a long, long week. I listened as another screech went out and another and another and decided I had enough. I was done living in fear, I guess I could fight the spiders...or I could just run from them.

One light flickered and died out, the room became darker, spiders were good in the dark...My night vision was rather good if I do say so myself, after all the Queen did leave the place rather dark. Another light went out and another, the room became darker and darker, I could not help but wonder was this the Maze Masters doing? Only three lights remained until total darkness.

The clicking sound of eight feet came back to be, it grew louder and louder as it came closer and closer. I gripped my sword in my hand, I knew the time to fight was coming. With a scream, yes a scream because we all know that they make us stronger, but it wasn't that kind of was a girly scream. I ran once more, the time to fight spiders would come soon enough and that day was not today.

I needed to find its weakness, you can't just hit a spider, or maybe I was really just a chicken like the witch had said. Maybe I really do run from all my problems, I started to slow my pace. The spider grew closer and closer to me, maybe I was a fool, maybe I really was worthless. I stopped moving, the spider came even closer, I could feel its breath on my back. Maybe I was a good for nothing, but not today, today I have something worth fighting for, my heart. I grabbed my sword and turned around facing the spider, I lifted the sword and hit him, hard. The spider screeched once more and fell to the ground with a loud thud. His legs twitched and slowly curled up, he turned into stone. That was to easy, was it really this easy all along, it couldn't,be could it?

"It saw its own reflection"I heard the Maze Master say to himself "Incredible."Okay, maybe it was that easy, I guess there really is nothing to fear. I smiled slightly to myself see that wasn't so bad. All the walls around me began to move and shift, the door was now open to me."Your five days are up Huntsmen, get out of here now."

Yes,oh yes I wanted to cheer and run but I must remain calm and collected. So, I took my time reaching the door, a guard came and opened it for me, he smiled at me. I heard him whisper a tiny congratulations, I had not gone mad and I had lived, I was the fist of thousands. Another big guard came over to me and chained my arms behind my back once more. He pushed me forward and told me to move, happily I did so. Already I knew where we were headed, the throne room.

The door swung open and a worried Snow ran up to me, "Huntsmen!" she screamed. She ran up to me and gave me a tight hug, just like the witch used to... "Are you alright? Are you hurt? Call a doctor, get a nurse!" she demanded.

"Snow, it is not lady like to act in such a manor." the mirror behind her said. I leaned to my right just a little to see the mirror, it had grown to the size of a full body mirror, this was bad. If it got any larger, it could assume the form of a human, its magic was growing, it was feeding off of Snow.

"Right." she smoothed out her dress and combed her hair with her fingers. "Huntsmen, are you well, you look a little pale?" worry still shone bright in her voice.

"Yes I am fine, just a little tired is all."

Her blue eyes lite up "Take him to his bedchamber and let him rest, if he survived this one had can do another trail."

The guards obeyed and dragged me to my room, before the door shut I saw something that scared me. The mirror had gotten taller, it was starting to get its own face now...The more he controlled Snow the more he became human...not good.

Mistake #8: Letting the mirror get this far





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