The Huntsmen's Mistakes

It was his fault, his fault that the witch died. It was his fault that Snow turned evil...Not he must set things right, he must save the village from their new evil queen, even if that costs him his own life.


2. The Mirror Hidden in the Forest


He had left me alone, the walls seemed to shrink around me, the ceiling seemed to come crashing down.

He left me scared, afraid, the creaking branches of the trees sent me jumping every time. I sat huddled in the corner of the building, the walls moaned at me, the floor creaked at every subtle movement. I waited and waited would he ever return? Or would he leave me here to die of starvation? I knew not the way out of this forest, or what creatures inhabited this forest. All I knew was that I was alone, save for the wind and a few clouds.

Fear crept over me as the sky darkened. What kind of monsters could come for me in the night? I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, but I knew I must remain quite, and must remain still. Swallowing the fear, I decided to think of happier things, of happier times. The times when I would smile and laugh out loud, the times where I could be myself. The times when I was not wanted dead. This time it was too much for me, the tears found their way from my eyes to the moldy ground.

"Why do you cry, little girl?" the voice stopped me and I felt the tears in my eyes freeze. I had been heard, some one or something knew that I was here. Could it be the Huntsmen? "Yes, yes. I have been here a while, this is my home."

Gathering up all of my courage I decided to say, "Well, perhaps I better leave you in peace. I shall be going now-"

"No! No, please do not leave me. Oh how long it has bee since I last was in the company of another living being. Please stay a little longer, please stay and talk." the voice sounded urgent, almost...sad.

"If I must then I shall," I said and sat back down. Still, I feared this voice I found a new feeling for it: pity. I found that my pity became greater than my fear, poor voice.

"Ah, good, thank you milady. Please, come here so I may see you."

"Uh...Okay?" I replied, unsure. "Where are you?"

"I am over here, behind the spiders nests and broken branches. Underneath the moss and vines that tangle me so." I followed its directions, all the while wondering how it could be trapped under moss? "Yes, yes, a little to your left I do believe." I turned to my left, the floorboards creaking loud. To my left was a dresser, an old dresser. The wood was wearing out and had started to mold, the boards were starting to break and decompose.

"Uhm....Are you in this dresser?" I asked.

"No, silly girl, I am on the dresser." It laughed. I nodded and moved closer, thick spider webs and moss, dirt and grime was all I could see. "Dig deeper and you shall find me."

"You're not going to hurt me, are you? Like, you won't eat me or throw me in your oven will you?"

"No, no." It laughed. "I don't eat humans, I help them."

"Help them? How do you do so?"

"Ah, well, if you dig me out, I shall tell you, milady."

"Fair enough." I started to dig it out. I attempted to remain not grossed out from the dirt and running spiders, but it still go to me. "Yuck."

"I know and you're not the one buried in it!" I wanted to laugh at this, but thought better of it, if what it said was true and it had been here for a while, then how it must feel to be in total darkness for so long? Digging deeper, my nails hit something hard. "Is that you?" I asked.

"Yes, please be more careful next time, you might hurt me."

"Alright, I'll try." Pushing more dirt away, a little mirror sat, its edges a fine gold that was covered in dirt.

"Thank you milady. Please, if you will, brush the dirt off my face."

"Alright." I am guessing his face is the glass, using my sleeve I did so. My reflection stared back at me in the now clean glass; I never realized how beautiful I look.

"You like?" It asked. "I can do more if you want." I nodded remaining speechless. The mirror decided to go on, "I was once a human like you, but I had been cursed by a witch. She sealed me within this mirror, forcing me to stay here forever. So stay here I did, it was lonely, but what could I do, run away? I have no legs to run, no arms to feed my self, I am just a lonely mirror. Until you came. When you came I wanted to talk to you. What is your name?"

"Snow." I whispered, still staring at my reflection.

"Ah, yes, Snow like the soft kind of snow in the chilling winter? Yes, what a lovely name Snow...Oh yes, my curse. As I was saying, Snow, I had been alone until you came, I ever forgot my own voice or what it would feel like to talk to another living being. Then you came, and you found me. It must have been fate."

"You said you can do more. What can you do mirror?"

If the mirror had a face, it would have smiled. "I can do lots, milady. I can do many things beyond your imagination. Behold!" it said. My reflection in the mirror changed, my eyes became a brighter blue, and my lips a deeper red.

I brought up my other hand to touch my face "Oh my," I whispered, astonished. I looked even more wonderful. "Please, show me more!" I demanded.

"Very well, Princess."

I felt something change in me that day. The mirror, it was right, fate did bring us together. I was destined to be beautiful. I was meant to be the fairest in the land. "What a shame you were left along for so long," I said as I stroked the mirrors glass. "I needed you since the day I was born, we could have been such good friends."

"Yes, yes we could have." my reflection smiled back at me.

I did not care if the Huntsmen came back for me or not, I could find my way out with this magic mirror. I could find the witch, I could destroy her. The mirror told me it was the way to become the fairest in the land. The fairest I would become, for as the mirror told me, it was my destiny.


Mistake #1: Leaving Snow alone in the forest.....

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