The Huntsmen's Mistakes

It was his fault, his fault that the witch died. It was his fault that Snow turned evil...Not he must set things right, he must save the village from their new evil queen, even if that costs him his own life.


1. The Curse


Her tears were enough to send the sky crying right along with her. The clouds would darken along with her mood. Her happiness would send the sun a thousand times brighter, for it would smile along with her. Some called her Snow White, for her skin was as white as the soft snow, but I knew better. Even snow could be bitter. This Snow who was so caring, so kind that even the birds would sing along with her, was really an evil witch.

Her evil greed was masked behind thick layers of kindness which she so despised. Only I could see the truth, only I could stop her for she had poisoned the village. Sometimes, I even felt her evilness was my fault. The witch that wanted her killed had been right, Snow was truly evil.I was the thing that had let her live, that let her evil ideas spread...I was the one that showed her the mirror...Oh, the mirror.

The mirror had sat on the wall collecting dust and spider-webs. Foolishly, I had led Snow to the old rundown town; I was the fool who let her inside the abandoned home. I told her to stay here, I told her to wait until I told the witch she was dead. Well, I guess I could at least say this, Snow knew how to listen. She had stayed. I left her in the quietness of the village all alone. Not a single soul dared to enter that village, for all but me, the foolish Huntsmen, knew that the mirror rested here. No one, no thing, wanted to disturb the rest of the mirror in case of the returning curse.

The curse of the fairest.


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