The Huntsmen's Mistakes

It was his fault, his fault that the witch died. It was his fault that Snow turned evil...Not he must set things right, he must save the village from their new evil queen, even if that costs him his own life.


4. Going Back


I know, I know I told her I could save her, that I could help her. I remember the look in her eyes, the look of hope. I wondered how her eyes would look when I would betray her and go against my word. Would she cry, would she fear or would she see it coming?

I sighed look what the Queen has done to you Huntsmen, she has made you crazy for her love...stupid heart... I was now nearing the house I had left Snow alone in. Dodging branches and pushing back vines the house became clearer, I could hear Snow talking now.

"Who is she talking to?" I said to myself.

"OH yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, you are right!!!"

Oh great, I left her alone so long the magic must have go to her head...Well I guess thats a good thing, won't that only make it easier for me to destroy her, I mean if shes mad and all.... Suddenly her words ceased and all was quite "Snow? Are you there?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"He told me I should not talk to you Huntsmen, he told me you were an evil man." I looked around, I still could not see Snow.

"Now Snow, you must believe I am good, I did save you right? Come here Snow the magic of this Forest must be making you go crazy." Silence. "Snow?"

"No no that is not right Huntsmen not right at all." her voice became even more crazier as she went on. "He said you came back to destroy me, he said you came to take me of my beauty!"

"Why would I want beauty from a girl-I mean no offense and all but ya know I am a guy!" who was she talking to? What had happened since I had gone?

"Beauty comes in all forms Huntsmen, and you know that!"

I shrugged my shoulders "Sure whatever you say Snow but hey, if you could come out and all, that would be great!" More Silence.

Then a reply "Fine Huntsmen but I warn you, my beauty might be to much for you. Maybe you'll even lose your heart to me."

You're a little late on that one, my heart is already taken. A branch cracked behind me, pulling out my sword I turned. Little Snow stood before me her eyes a newly colored blue like a thin sheet of ice. Her skin and become fairer and her lips a deeper red. Her once tangled black hair was now a fountain of curls that went below her neck. "Snow what happened?" I asked breathless.

A smile spread across her face "He said you would like this. He told me no one could match my beauty and that all would love me. So Huntsmen do you love me?"

I wanted to barf, "Of course not my heart lies with the one and only true Queen Alice!"

Shock filled her eyes and her mouth dropped to the ground. "Alice you say their is one fairer in the lands than me?! You say you do not love me?! You are a fool Huntsmen, you are a fool!" she screamed.

 Oh great what did I just do? I wondered as Snow disappeared in the woods, the mirror clenched tightly in her arms.

Mistake #3: Letting Snow know who had my heart.







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