The Huntsmen's Mistakes

It was his fault, his fault that the witch died. It was his fault that Snow turned evil...Not he must set things right, he must save the village from their new evil queen, even if that costs him his own life.


7. First Trail


The door shut tight, a clicking sound and they left me all alone in the dark maze. They locked the door so their goes option of escape number one. I remembered when the witch sent her prisoners here...they either came back crazy or not at all. I shivered just thinking about how mad they had become, the witch always refused to tell me what lived in this maze.

All I had to do was live in here for five days, or find my way to the door on the opposite side...sounds easy enough. The walls though, were high, I could not climb them or see over them so that leaves me on the ground. There was no vines-at least none that I knew of so I guess I can't cheat...darn it...I love to cheat... A loud screech shook the walls of the maze, oh great what was that? Tens, thousands, millions of more screeches followed, at least I think they did because they all echoed. This was bad,there echoing screeches made it near impossible for me to narrow down their location. All I knew was that whatever that thing was, it was in front of me and inside this maze...more than likely I would end up fighting it.

I knew the queen would never import monsters-or at least she would and never told me...So if this thing was in fact imported, then I was in trouble. If this monster was not imported that really narrowed things down, the call could not be of a birds.No, a birds is a much lighter sound plus it would have no where to fly. It could have been an ogre but they usually don't sound that low and they're not common in these parts..

Oh great, oh no...that left only one large, vile,deadly option....spiders. That sounded about right, spiders screech was that low....oh my gosh...not spiders! I turned to the doors, no turning back now, I just hoped not to run into a spider through this maze, please not the spiders. I hoped I was wrong.

The lights flickered on and began to buzz, most of them were fading, there light not nearly as bright.

"Begin." the deep voice demanded. I knew this voice,it was the maze masters voice, oh great that just had to call him in.

"Whatever mister grouchy pants." I mumbled hoping he wouldn't hear me, because if he did hear me...this would become the hardest task of my life. I began to walk, taking my first step into the maze, the sight of the door slowly becoming smaller and smaller. The mazes walls stood high over me, towering over me, watching least they gave me a sword...

Mistake #6: Setting foot in the maze and not staying by the door





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