The Huntsmen's Mistakes

It was his fault, his fault that the witch died. It was his fault that Snow turned evil...Not he must set things right, he must save the village from their new evil queen, even if that costs him his own life.


6. Decision


She had the guards send me to my new bedchamber, they happily did as she said, its not like she had a magic mirror or anything. My hands were chained behind my back "We can not have my future husband running away now can we?" How I wanted to scream back at her, to make her cry and run away. The feeling of seeing her fall from throne would be worth everything but I could not do so. Only Snow and the mirror knew where the Queen was being held, and where ever that was, also stored the location of my heart.

The room I was give had a bed, score! At least now I no longer have to sleep in the horses barn... "Stay here and if we hear a peep out of you, you're dead." the guard slammed the door, that was rather friendly...

I scanned the room trying to ind any ways of escaping, lose bricks, wind from the windows what ever. The more I looked, the more I lost hope, this room was escape proof. The walls were new and made of tough stones, most likely unbreakable, same with the floor and ceiling. There was no windows, of course not that would be too easy. I sighed and flopped down onto my bed and sunk into it, man this thing is cushy- No! This is not the time to get detracted Huntsmen!

"Enjoying your self Huntsmen?" I sighed and rolled over attempting to act asleep. "I said are you enjoying your self Huntsmen?!"

"No!" I yelled "No of course not Snow what do you think, how could I be happy if I do not get to see the world. How can I possible enjoy myself with out being able to see my own world?!"

"Oh well in that case, you may leave the castle once you prove you can be trusted." I rolled over and looked her in the eyes, they looked happy.

"Why not now Snow, why can I not now? Don't you trust me enough to rome free once before I marry you?" I made myself sick saying these words, I don't love her I never would. I won't marry her, I would rather die...

"Of course I want you to be able to go outside on your own free will! Maybe I would let you if you had not tried to kill me back in the woods, mirror tells me-"

"I do not care about the mirror Snow! I want to talk to you and only you, I want to see the real Snow again." What I really wanted was for her to leave me alone...and of course to punch her but I knew that option was out. I could not hurt her, she had a magic mirror, she decided if I would live or die.

Tears filled her blue eyes "Fine! But the Snow you once knew is never coming back! Can't you love me for my beauty Huntsmen are you that shallow?" she brought her arm up to her face and left my room.

Ah man what a weird girl...shes calling me shallow? She wants me to love her for her beauty, isn't that kind of weird? Whatever, time to get my game plan, how am I going to leave this place?

Later that night a guard came and dragged me from my room "Get up!"

"Fine! Fine." I mumbled half asleep and I wobbled up onto my feet.

"Lets go!"

Man, some people are so grumpy and demanding at three in the morning. "What ever you say mister grumpy pants." I could say this to him, I knew I can he could not hurt me as long as Snow said so.

We entered the throne room once more, Snow sat in the Queens throne and the mirror sat gently in her lap. Here we go again. "Huntsmen." she smiled "Rise and shine cupcake it is time to start." oh great here starts the annoying nicknames. Wait start?

"Start what?"

Her laughter brightened the room, gosh she was so annoying, the Queen would never have laughed so. "It is time for you to begin the trials."

Oh great....

Mistake #5: Faking my love for Snow




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