Looking Back to Skies of Blue


1. What I Should Have Done

             Looking back I never felt....accepted. I never felt like I belonged, I never felt like people cared. Every time I had a friend, they ended up leaving me for some other person because I was never good enough. As strange as it sounds. I never felt like it was my fault per say, just that something was different about me. But when you look back and see different days with skies of blue instead of grey. Things get better, they really do. It just takes time. And time heals.

             "Tabby," My friend Skylar calls.

              I ignore her still looking at the sky, it seems so endless.

             "Tabby," she says again this time pulling at my arm. "Tabby, get up."

             I look at her noticing she is serious but that dark look in her green eyes. With a moan I sit up, "What is it Sky?" I ask brushing grass off my blue shorts.

             "School is over, you realize you can go home?"

             "Yea," I shrug looking at my black shoes.

              "Hmph," she puts her hands on her hips. "What is wrong?"

             I force a smile, "nothing."

            "Fine don't tell me," She glances back at the school. "I have volleyball now, so talk to you later?"

            "Sure." I say watching her run back to the school. Kicking at the grass I walk home, a little bit disappointed, not it Sky but in me. I should have told her how I felt. I should have told her what was on my mind....

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