k is for kidnapped

19 year old kirstin was taken a walk wen something happens i wonder what read to find out :D


1. chapter 1

hello im kirstin im 19 and live in newyork city i am a only chield and my mother aand fater were killed last november its now april and almost my birth day my birth day is on may the 3 of may well thats enogh about me get to the story.


I was kiked out of my house and trown on the streets * ugh * a tear shreeds from my eye * stay out * i get up and run down the streets i stop crying and walk at the c orrner of my eye i see a black van fallowing me i walk a littel faster 3 guys ran out of the truk after me i was a littel scared and fritened so i ran faster but the guy with the curels ran faster as he was going to open up his arms to cach me and i kiked him right in the nuts * fuck * he said i dident see the other boys in front of me so i ran right ahead towards them one guys clothed me all i heard was the faint talk of * good job  harry.


i woke up in a room full of nothing tere was a bead and some chairs i saw to pepol in the faint distence sitting in chairs one said * shes awake * they came over i cerled into the tight est ball i could ever go in *dont hurt me please :(* * now why would we do that * i satrted to uncerll and they looked at me with smiels i got a littel scared and went to the back of the bead and then i relisedd i had hand cuffs on i started to hipper ventaliet the to b oys backed away and went out of the room i tryed and tryed to pull out of the hand and my haands were full of blood then someoneburests trow the door looked at me for a second and unded my hand cuffs.   

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