One way or another

This story is about a 14 year old girl named Anna who attends 8th grade with the members of One Direction (before they were famous of course). She falls deeply in love with Niall Horan, but he has a girlfriend.

Anna has been bullied for her past 4 years at this school and have the bullies taken it too far? Read to find out more.


2. Will it change?

The first day was over...finally. I get home to the noise of my dad fighting with my older brother, Pete. 

Pete is 17 years old and is mentally unstable. He goes crazy very other week and it always ends with a threat to call the police. This makes me hate my life even more. The only thing I can get away to, or feel free is when I swim. I am on a national level swim team with a couple other people my age. 

I get undressed from my school clothes and into my swimsuit. I examine my body before practice and see how much I hate my figure. 

'No wonder everyone hates me' 

I shed a tear, grab my swim bag, and run out the door. 

It takes about seven minutes to get to the community pool where we practice. As I walk through the door, I see a girl my age. She seems to be on my team too. 

"Hi"I said

"hey" she said

"I'm Anna! What's your name? Are you practicing now?" 

"My name is Isabel, but you can call me Izzy. And yeah I am practicing now, do you know where the locker rooms are?"

"Yeah! Here I'll show you" I bring her downstairs and lead her to the locker rooms to get dressed.

I exit the locker room to get a drink of water. Of course, something had to go wrong. Niall and his friend Liam walk down to the boys locker room. I try to say hi to Niall, but he completely ignores me and keeps walking. I feel like someone has just stabbed me in my heart. What did I do??

I walk back into the locker room with tears in my eyes. I catch sight of Izzy and quickly wipe my tears away.

"Hey what's wrong?" she asks

"Oh nothing, I think it's just allergies" 

"Oh haha" 

I lead Izzy into the pool deck where the rest of our team is waiting. Oh god. Niall and Liam are talking to the coach. Are they on the team now? Noooo!!! how can this really get any worse.

Izzy interrupts my thoughts when she asks me "Are you from America? I noticed your accent. I've always wanted an American accent"

"Yes haha. And I wish I had an English accent"

Izzy starts laughing 



After practice ends, I run to the bathroom about to cry. Niall was in my lane during practice, and he was being so rude. How can someone go from being your best friend, to your worst enemy? 






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