One way or another

This story is about a 14 year old girl named Anna who attends 8th grade with the members of One Direction (before they were famous of course). She falls deeply in love with Niall Horan, but he has a girlfriend.

Anna has been bullied for her past 4 years at this school and have the bullies taken it too far? Read to find out more.


4. Secret lover???


I ran to my locker after class and left Izzy. I didn't even care. I tried to open my lock but it took almost 4 tries because my eyes were full of tears it made my vision all blurry. When I opened it, my books came crashing down. It was so messy. I catch a glimpse of a letter on top of the pile of books I grabbed it and on the top it read : TO: ANNA   So I decide to open it. The letter read:    Anna, You are beautiful Your eyes shine bright in the sun, I think about you day after day,
sometimes, I even plan out what I will say.
You have no idea; you have no clue,
just how much I think of you.
I remember the time, I remember the day,
I had no idea what I was going to say.
I remember getting lost while staring into your eyes;

I must have made about a million of sighs.

I hope we could be together some time in my life,
and sometimes at night, I dream I'm your wife.
I love you now and always I hope you can see,
that if you gave our love a chance how happy we'll be.
Please email me at - Anonymous     uhm.. what? what crazy person could've wrote this? Do I really have a secret admirer?? OR is this a nasty prank...? maybe I should email him. Would if he is a pervert or pedophile? Would if he is a forty year old man wanting pics of me.... ok I've taken this too far. He must go to this school because the note is in my locker. I guess I should email him then, I mean we are only in eighth grade.    ----   After school I rushed home. I really wanted to see who this "admirer" is. I logged onto my email and quickly set up a new message.



Subject: Hi

Hi. I got your letter in my locker and it was really sweet. Maybe we could meet for lunch or something at school or could you leave your name? You seem pretty cool. Thanks again for the letter, it made my day.



I am actually really scared. Would if he IS a stalker. Ehh, whatever. I'll give it a shot. This is the first person that actually liked me. Hopefully this person tells everyone that I'm not weird after all.

I log out of my email, grab my backpack and run into my room to do homework. As I am starting my homework, I hear a crash downstairs. I run down to see Pete and my dad having a fight. There was a vase on the ground, smashed and broken. I run back upstairs and lay on my bed in tears. I stare at the ceiling and just think. Think about the world without me. How much better everyone would be. I just wished I never moved to London. I think about life, and  what is life. Why. Why is there life? Why am I alive? To get bullied? To be tortured by people I don't even know? They don't even know my story.

No one knows my story, about my mom being an alcoholic. a drug addict. a partier. My brother followed in her footsteps and is just like her. Having temper tantrums, that end with broken things. My dad can't handle it, neither can I. 

On top of all this, Niall hates me. I really just want to talk to him, if he would look at me. The clock ticks on and on. I look up at it and it was 4:47.

"Shit" I think to myself. 

Swim practice.

I quickly grab my water bottle, swim bag and swimsuit and run out the door.  I am still in my school clothes, but whatever. I'll change at the pool. As I enter, I see Izzy talking with Niall. I rolled my eyes and ran down to the locker rooms.

Izzy enters the locker room and I walk over to her.

"Why were you talking to Niall?" I try to sound polite and not jealous.

"I don't know, I guess I just wanted to make some more friends....why do you ask?"

"Uhm. No reason really, I was just curious. Sorry I guess" I turn away, my heart was sinking in my chest

"Nah it's fine. He's really nice though" 

I just nod, and agree with her. I walk away slowly and I feel like crying again. But Izzy can't know that I like Niall. She would probably make fun of my like everyone else. 

I get changed and walk out to the deck, and again I see Niall and Izzy talking. I walk the other direction and hop in the water. Away from all of them. I look over during the middle of practice and see Izzy and Niall in the same lane. 

Gahhh. I wish I was her.







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