One way or another

This story is about a 14 year old girl named Anna who attends 8th grade with the members of One Direction (before they were famous of course). She falls deeply in love with Niall Horan, but he has a girlfriend.

Anna has been bullied for her past 4 years at this school and have the bullies taken it too far? Read to find out more.


3. Day 2 of torture

It was the second day of with grade and I couldn't stop thinking about swim practice last night. Would if Niall or Liam made up rumors about me and told everyone.

As I was walking down the hall, I noticed that one girl from swim practice last night, Izzy. I guess she was a new student this year.

"Hey Izzy! I didn't know you went to this school!!" I said as I ran up to her

"Oh hi! Can you show me to Mrs. Hill's class is?? I am so lost! haha" 

"Yeah! I'm in that class too. We can sit next to each other.

Finally, someone who actually would talk to me. I actually have a friend.

"Ok here is it. Mrs. Hill's class. Wanna go sit in the back?" I said

"Yea, sure" Izzy replied.

Izzy follows me to the back of Mrs. Hill's class right next to the window.

"Okay class, since this is our second day of school, I thought I would like to get to know you guys." Mrs. Hill says to the class

I look over to the right and I see Jessica and Sarah looking at me then quickly turn and laugh. Harry and Zayn joined in on them. 

"Let's start in the back should we." Mrs. Hill pauses. "Anna, would you like to start?"

"Uhh..yeah. Well my name is Anna and I love to swim, uhhh, I am from America, and yeah" I quickly said and  sat back down. 

Izzy went next and then Jessica. After Jessica was all her friends with Harry and Liam. When it was Niall's turn, I couldn't help but stare at him. His voice was magical. Jessica saw me staring at him and gave me a dirty look. She mouthed 'you're ugly' and 'stop fatty' to me. I tried to ignore it but i couldn't. During the middle of Niall introducing me, he looked at me and rolled his eyes. 

I couldn't feel any more broken. At least Izzy didn't see this. I don't want anyone to know how broken I am.




After class was over, Jessica came over to me with all her friends. She yelled at me for looking at Niall claiming he was hers. Even though she was dating Harry.



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