One way or another

This story is about a 14 year old girl named Anna who attends 8th grade with the members of One Direction (before they were famous of course). She falls deeply in love with Niall Horan, but he has a girlfriend.

Anna has been bullied for her past 4 years at this school and have the bullies taken it too far? Read to find out more.


1. 8th grade

"Oh my god what is she looking at"

"eww that ugly frog"

"get away for me loser"



This was all I heard as I quickly walked down the crowded hallways. I was given mean looks and glares from people I didn't even know.  I had gotten used to it though. Ever since the third grade when I moved from America. I was the only kid with an American accent. Each grade that I moved up, more and more rumors had caught on saying that I was an "American slut" and that i was as fat as a pig. 

Throughout my years here in the UK, I have fallen in love with a boy named Niall Horan. He is gorgeous with his blonde hair and Irish accent. I have been in the same class with Niall since third grade and we used to be best friends until we got into middle school and it wasn't cool to hang out with me. He hasn't talked to me since the summ- "Get out of my way fatty" Jessica Richmond and Sarah Hines yell at me. They are the most popular girls in school along with their little posy of friends.

Jessica is dating Harry Styles, the most popular guy in school.  And Sarah is dating Zayn Malik, one of Harry's best friend. Oh i wish I was her. She is so pretty and she gets all the guys. I just wish I had never moved to London. I just wish I wasn't alive.

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