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Hey guys!!! So if you want an imagine, here is the information that you have to give me:
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I will also doing preferences and situations. They will be coming regularly so watch out :)


7. Demented Rabbits - Zazzy Styles's Imagine - Harry Styles

OK, so I know I said in the last one that the next one would be Avery's but I decided to do this one because I had the idea and I didn't want to let it go :) Sowwwyyy Avery but here it is Zazzy!!


Zara's POV

"Get away from me Styles," I said, backing away from him. Harry put his hands up in surrender and looked at me confused. "I have had enough ok, just leave me alone," I said. I slumped down in my seat in the car, wishing that my best friend was not dating Harry's best friend.

"Fine, but we are going out together so-"  "We are not 'going out' together. We are going, with a group of our friends paintballing and trying not to see each other. Got it?" Harry's eyes flashed with hurt but nodded and I turned away, but I thought wrong.

I know I had been harsh but seriously, I said that he should get off my back, like a year ago?! I thought that throughout that year he would stop bugging me and start just leaving me alone.

There was an awkward silence in the car as Harry started driving the car. God knows why my friends decided that it would be 'good' for us to go together to the Paintballing Venue alone. I would have to speak to Faith, my best friend, later.

We rolled in and I basically jumped out the car, trying to get out of that awkard situation. I started walking quickly to the entrance but Harry quickly sped up, even though he was just walking. Curse my small legs and strides. Harry opened the door for me and I walked in.

"Zazzy!" said Faith happily, sprinting up to me and jumping on me. "Woah, hey Faith," I said laughing. "So how was the drive," she whispered nudging me in the side, don't ask me why. "Um, it was good. There wasn't any traffic which was go-"

"No stupid, I mean Harry," she said, wiggling her eyebrows. God she reminded me so much of Louis, which was good since they were going out. "Oh, um. Well, it was...," I said, pretending to be thinking hard about it. "Yes?" she said excitedly.

"Awkward, silent and I don't want to do that again," I said smirking and walking over to the rest of the boys. "Hey boys."

Harry's POV

I watched her as she talked to Faith. Faith kept on nudging her and at one point she looked back at me. Where they talking about me? I ignored it and went over to the desk to ask when it was starting.

The person at the desk was a woman, well actually girl and she wasn't exactly bad looking. When she saw me, I guessed she recognised me since she started batting her eyelashes which meant she looked like some sort of demented rabbit.

Then she flicked her hair flirtily and put her head on one of her hands, cocking it to the side. "Is there anything that I can help you with?" she asked with a sickly sweet smile. "Um, yeah. I was just wondering when our paintballing session is going to start?" I asked her, trying to ignore her demented rabbit impression.

"Oh, well it should be starting," she took her head off her hand and started flicking through some sort of book, often stealing glances at me and blushing as I looked at her. Well, I wasn't really looking at her, just sort of amazed that she thought that a demented rabbit face was going to win over boys.

She turned back to me and fluttered her eyes and licked her lips," it should be starting in 15 minutes but if you want, I can kick the people out. I can do anything for you, I mean I-" "Yeah, um. It's fine, I just wanted to know what time it was start-"

"Yo, she giving you problems?" asked someone. I turned around and was surprised to see Zara there her lips etched into a small smirk. I didn't reply and she turned to the girl," you know if you think that looking like a demented rabbit is going to get you anywhere, I think you might want to get ready for living alone."

My mouth stretched into a large 'o' shape and the girl behind the till raised her eyebrow and pursed her lips. "Well, atleast I am not a wannabee," the girl said. Zara just laughed and was again I was shocked by her reaction. "Really, that's your comeback? I think the wannabee here is you since you want to be in my position," Zara said.

Wait, what did she mean by that? "Wait, are you dating him?" asked the girl confused. "Maybe," said Zara, flashing the girl a fake smile and strutting away. I just stood there gawking at Zara. Wait, were we dating?

I turned back to the girl and she glared at me. I put my hands in surrender for the second time that day and walked away slowly.

Zara's POV

Shizzz. What the hell had I done? Why had I said that? Actually I knew the answer, it was because I was jealous. I couldn't believe myself. Why was I jealous? I had spent the last year trying to get Harry to stop being my friend but now I was thinking him as my boyfriend?!

ak ;o'fkaj'fjk'aojif'klkla'laskfnjkl;fn; What the hell was I supposed to do? I walked over to the others and tried to join the conversation and act 'normal' but I kept thinking back to the 2 minutes before. I stole a quick glance behind me and saw Harry gaping at me.

Fucc-ddggeeee. Suddenly, I felt someone nudge me and I turned around quickly. Great, it was Louis and he had caught me looking at Harry. "Someone is jealous," he said wiggling his eyebrows. God, why was he so much like Faith?!

"I am not jealous, I was just wondering where he was, that's all," I said strongly. "Yup, suuurrrreee," he said. "Ugh, go away Lou," I said annoyed and walked away, collapsing down onto one of the sofas.

I was scrolling through my news feed on facebook. Yup, the normal. Loads of friend requests since I was friends with the boys and loads of hate saying that 'I didn't deserve to know them' or 'why would 1D like me as a friend or more?'

To be honest, they could suck my... for all I cared. It was the same on twitter but I could only imagine what it was like for Faith, since she was actually dating one of them. I was just friends and I was getting hate for knowing them?

Suddenly, I felt someone sit down next to me and I looked up from my phone. I frowned slightly as I saw Harry sitting down sheepishly. I sighed and looked back down on my phone. "What was that all about?" he asked.

I didn't answer mainly because I didn't know what to say but also because I didn't want to actually tell them. "Zara, stop ignoring me. What was that about?" he asked more strongly. "What was what about?" I said finally. "You know what I mean," he said.

"Well, you know if you actu-" "Stop playing dumb Zara. Why did you say that I was your boyfriend?" he asked. "I never said that Harry, I said that you might me and obviously we are not going out so, that's it," I said. I was getting annoyed now, heavens knows why. I just didn't want to talk about this.

"That's it?" he asked. "Yeah, that's it. It mean't nothing Harry, I just don't like girls who act all fake and I know that you can do better than her," I said. "You do?" he asked again. "Yeah but can we stop talking about this because you are about the last person I want to talk to."

"But-" "Yo guys, we are going in. Leggooo!" said Niall happily. I sped from my seat, leaving Harry once again and followed the rest. "What happened?" asked Faith. "Huh?" I asked pretending not to know what she mean't. "I'm not letting this go Zazzy, I will ask you later," she said raising her eyebrow.

Harry's POV

Niall interrupted us and I know that she was glad that he did, but I wasn't. Zara sped off and after a few seconds I followed. We soon went into the arena and we were told all the rules and what we had to do to win. We were divided into teams:

Team 1: Niall, Zayn, Danielle and Zara

Team 2: Louis, Liam, Faith and Me

"1... 2....3.... GO!" shouted the instructor and we raced off in different directions. My team run behind a paint-splattered shed and gathered out ideas and tactics. Luckily, Louis had done a lot of this so hopefully we would win. "Let's go!" Louis said whisper-shouting.

We did a little team hand thingy which was messed up because Liam kept on doing it wrong and then we ran off in the directions we were told to go in. I crept behind a large tree and waited for my first target. I was waiting there for about 5 minutes and I was getting bored so I decided to go for a little 'adventure'.

I crept under some bushes and crawled around a barrel. I stood up slowly and heard something behind me. I wizzed around quickly and saw Zara behind another barrel. I shot but just missed her as she jumped out the way. Soon, we were having a little fight and I kept on missing her as she missed me.

Suddenly, I felt a burst of relentless pain in a place which can not be mentioned and fell to the ground. I groaned and rolled over and over in pain. "Aaaarrgghhh," I groaned and heard Zara come up to me. "Oh god Harry, I will just go get someone," I said.

I moved my head trying to show her that I understood but it didn't really work. I just ended up getting in more pain. I heard Zara run off and a few seconds later Zara came back with a bag of frozen peas. I could tell she was finding this funny.

I put the peas on my .... and Zara helped me up. "ONE MAN DOWN!" Zara shouted, laughing slightly. "This is not funny," I muttered. "Oh but it is," she said, helping me outside the arena.

We got inside and I sat down on the sofa, moaning in pain as I bent down.

Zara's POV

I couldn't help finding this hilarious although I had to admit, I did feel guilty. I sat him down and looked at him. I had to admit, his hair was perfect and he had gorgeous green eyes which would suck me in. He was in fact very hot, fit, handsome, all of the above.

"I will just go back and um, tell the others," I said as Harry's eyes connected with mine for a split second. Harry nodded but didn't say anything and I walked out. I couldn't see anyone so I guessed that they were still playing. I went over to the instructor and asked him to say on the loudspeaker that Harry was out.

I went back to the room that Harry was in and paused before I went in. I took in a deep breath and walked in. He was staring at the wall but his eyes diverted to me as I edged closer to him. "Er, the others are still playing so I thought that I would, erm, keep you company," I mumbled.

I mentally hit myself. God, I sounded so stupid. "Thanks," he said, flashing me a small smile. I returned it and sat next to him. There was an awkward silence until he broke it. "You know, you can go back to playing with them. I'm guessing that you don't really want to be here right now," he said.

I was surprised when he said that and I looked at him. He looked down at his lap and I said," how is your, er..." I trailed off and Harry chuckled. "It's getting better, thanks for the peas by the way," he said. "It's fine, did you get hurt anywhere else?" I asked.

"Er, yeah, briefly on my arm but that's fine," he said. I took his arm in surprisement of him and me, and stroked my finger over his small bruise. I looked up and saw that his face was very close to mine, he was looking down at me as I looked at him.

There was just that for a few seconds until his face crept closer and closer to mine as mine didn't pull away. His green eyes were eniticing me closer and closer to him until his lips were sealed onto mine. Sparks flew everywhere and I returned the kiss.

Suddenly, the door opened and we broke away. I turned to look at the person who had intruded us. It was Louis and Faith. Well this was great. "I knew it! I just knew it!" shouted Faith happily. "I knew you two would get together!" shouted Louis, joining in his girlfriend's celebrations.

"Oh, um, Louis. I think that we should leave them to finish what the started," said Faith wiggling her eyebrows. "OK but use protection guys, I don't want to be a godfather," said Louis. "Shut up Louis," I said and he chuckled as he closed the door.

I turned back to Harry sheepishly and looked at him. He was smiling softly and I giggled. "Well, I guess I have to ask you now, don't I?" he asked. "What?" I asked confused. Harry got down on one knee and I gasped," Harry, we just kissed. This is-"

"Don't worry, I'm not proposing," he laughed. "Phew, I mean not to be rude or anything but I think that would be a little too soon," I said relaxing. "Don't worry. Now back to what I was about to say. Will you, Zara be my girlfriend as I have loved you for over a year and-"

"A year?" I asked. "Yeah," he said nervously. "So that's why you kept on bugging me," I said. "Er, yeah... So, will you?" he asked. I could tell he was nervous, very nervous. "Of course Hazza," I said and I lifted his face to mine and kissed him.


Sooooo, there it is!!! Took me so long to write but I hope you liked it Zazzy!!!!! :) Tell me what your fave part was (if there was one) !!!

If you did like this, it would mean the world if you wrote in your own books to check out this one and comment etc. So I can have some more!!!

If you want another one then comment!!!

So now, this time is... Avery!!!

I reallllllyyyyyyyyyy hope you liked it Zazzy :) Thanks so much for faving this!!!

Love you all,

Mina xxxxxxxxxxxxx




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