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Hey guys!!! So if you want an imagine, here is the information that you have to give me:
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2. Cupcakes - El's Imagine - Harry Styles

El's POV
"Come on," groaned Jess, basically dragging me in and out of the massive crowds. "If we don't get there then we won't be first and then we will have to wait and etc. etc. You don't even want to come so why don't we hurry up, meet them and get it over and done with," she said.

I had to admit, Jess was good at winning arguments. I groaned and started jogging slightly," let's get this over and done with." we started running and soon arrived at a set of doors saying 'backstage' and two burly security guards standing outside with their arms crossed.

We showed them our passes and they let us through where we were soon ushered into another room. It was quite big and had a couple of sofas in the middle. "Just sit down there and the boys will be with you in a minute," said a lady, sending us a sickly sweet smile.

I nodded and Jess squealed," I can't believe we are actually going to meet them." I groaned again, this was the last thing I wanted to do. Want to know why? You'll find out soon. Suddenly, the doors burst open and someone raced in. That someone just happened to be Louis Tomlinson.

"Why hello there, I'm Jennifer but some people call me Louis," he said plopping down on the the sofa next to Jess. Jess giggled and I rolled my eyes, chuckling under my breath. Suddenly, another boy came in and then another and then another, oh and then another.

The first one had black hair styled into a quiff and he had dark eyes which pierced a hole in you. The second one had blonde hair and was smaller than the other two. When he spoke I recognised a strong Irish accent. The third had shaved hair and was quite muscly, he flashed me a smile which I returned and then the last one came in.

He was The last person I wanted to see but in some part of me, the person I wanted to see the most. It was Harry. Harry Styles. His curls were bouncing effortlessly up and down as he walked in and his green eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Hey girls," he said. "Hi," said Jess, giggling at something Niall had said. Harry turned round to face me and something flashed in his eyes. Did he recognise me?

Harry's POV

I recognised her. I knew her. She was El. The girl from my old school, the school which I had left to continue with my career. She was always the quiet girl, always stayed invisible but I liked her and not in just a friend way. I never told her or anyone, I didnt think that she would ever go out with me or anything and the others would laugh at me.

But now she was here for some unknown reason and I could tell the she didn't want to be here. I suddenly the noticed the awkward silence in the room as El and I stared at each other. "So what are your names?" asked Liam.

"I'm Jess and this is my best friend El," said the other one although I couldn't seem to take my eyes away from El. She was everything she had always been but more beautiful with her long, brown hair lying on her shoulders delicately and her brown eyes, a pool of chocolate which would draw you in.

I realised that I was still standing so sat down on the sofa next to El. "Hey El," I said, barely audible. She looked up in surprise as I spoke. She cocked her eyebrow up and said," hi Harry." she was more confident now, I could tell. Her voice had always been like a mouse and she used to be shy but now she had changed and i liked it.

"You recognise me right?" I asked nervously. "How could I not," she whispered. I raised my eyebrows in confusion and she looked down to the floor.

El's POV

I looked down to the floor. Shizz, why did I say that? "Um, I mean that you have been all over the news and magazines and stuff, it's kinda hard to forget," I muttered. There was silence apart from the sound of the others talking. "You've changed," he said.

I jerked my head up and stated at him. What was he on about? "What do you mean?" I asked him. "You used to be... Quiet and... Like a mouse," he said thoughtfully. I stared at him blankly. "Um, is that a compliment?" I asked. "Er, well..." he trailed off and I rolled my eyes.

How did I ever have a crush on this guy. And when I say crush, I mean it. But the thing was, I didn't know he even acknowledged who I was, let alone register that I was quiet. "I mean, you were... Like invisible," he said. I stood up in anger. "Oh that's nice," I said annoyed.

"No, no. I didn't mean it like that, I meant..." he trailed off again and I tried not to notice all the others staring at us. "You meant what? You come down and talk to me and you have the nerve to say that I was invisible. Yeah, I may have been quiet but unless you didn't pay attention I modelled, I won the art competitions. Heck, I may not be part of the biggest band in the world but you have no right just to call me 'invisible'. Do you even know how big of a crush I had on you but, hey. You just lost a directioner," I shouted and stormed past him and out of the room, mentally hitting myself for letting out my secret.

Harry's POV

She had a crush on me. I stood there speechless until I realised that she had left. I gave one fleeting look at the boys who were staring at us in complete utter confusion along with Jess and then raced out of the room after El. I mentally hit myself for saying that, god I was so stupid.

"EL!" I called. "EL!" I shouted again. There was the sound of a sob coming from the left and I quickly turned around. I felt my heart start to break when I saw her crying with her head in her hands, sitting on the floor. I rushed over and bent down. "Go away Harry," she mumbled. "

No El, look I'm so-" "I don't want to hear it," she muttered standing up and walking away. I grabbed her, holding her by the wrist and pulled her back, flinging her into my arms by accident. Suddenly, our chests were touching and she was looking up at me. I felt myself get lost in the pool of chocolate as my face came closer and closer to hers.

El's POV

He was leaning closer and closer and I didnt pull away, all the feelings I had before came rushing back. It felt so right to be in his arms, I never wanted to leave. It was when my heart started pounding when I realised that Harry's lips were placed on mine.

I felt myself smile into the kiss as sparks flew around everywhere. Nothing had ever felt this right before. After some time Harry pulled away and smiled at me," I always liked you El, I just never had the courage to come up to you." I smirked and said," why? Was it because I was invisible?" his eyes dropped in sadness and I felt a twinge of guilt run through me.

I quickly placed a kiss on his lips and said," Harry, dont worry. I forgive you and I'm sorry that I burst out like that, I just... You have no idea how much I have wanted that to happen." "You have?" he asked hopefully. I nodded and kissed me passionately. "Me too," he said into the kiss which sent shivers down my spine.

We broke away and he said," how about we go celebrate? Wanna get some cupcakes?" "Of course," I said smiling and kissed him again


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