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9. C'mon, C'mon - Avery's Imagine - Niall Horan

Ok, so Avery, this is your nice one :) I hope you like it but I would get ready for your funny one!! El, we need to talk... ;)


Avery's POV

"Ooh, what about this?" asked Mina, pulling out some hideous top with hearts all over it. "Er, no," I said, shaking it off but Mina persisted. "Come on, it would look great on you!" she pleaded. "I am not even sure where you guys are taking me and if you are taking me to some random ass valentine convention, than hate to break it to you guys, but I have a boyfriend."

El giggled and ripped the disgusting shirt out of Mina's hands. "That is revolting and she was just kidding, right Mina?" she said, eying Mina. "But I thought--" "Just kidding, she was just... kidding," El said smiling and throwing the top back on the rack. "Let's go look for some actual nice clothes!" I said.

Mina started laughing," that top was disgusting, I have to agree. Just messing with you Ave." I smacked her on her arm and she yelped in pain. "Violence is not the answer!" she said angrily. "You are right. Violence is the question, yes is the answer," I winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"C'mon," groaned El, grabbing both of our arms and dragging us out of the shop. "Why do I even need to get an outfit?" I moaned. Why couldn't I just be at home, tweeting weird tweets and mourning about not seeing my boyfriend. Then my life would be a whole lot simpler.

"Beceause," said El. "Er, you might want to finish off that sentence," I said. "Because you do, ok?" said Mina," ooh, let's go to that shop!" I groaned and walked into the familiar store, aka. TopShop. "OMG, look at these shoes! These are perfect! Hey Avery, come here!" said El.

I walked over and grinned. "Converse high heels, now that is a must for tonight!" said Mina, throwing them into my arms. I dropped them and Mina and El laughed. "Just to remind you both, I am not and was not in the netball team," I muttered. They both ignored me and went back to running round the shop, squealing whenever they saw a nice top.

"Now this, my fine friend, is perfect!" said El," Mina, get your ratchet ass over here!" Mina ran over while El started to show me this 'perfect' outfit which she planned on me wearing tonight. I had to admit, it was very nice and I did like the converse heels.

"C'mon, let's go home," whined Mina, pulling us out of TopShop after we paid. "Yes, we- Oh my god! We need to hurry! We only have 2 hours, omg. Mina, why didn't you say anything?!" "Me, what was I supposed to do? I don't even have a watch!" "You could have checked your phone!" "Well so could--"

"GUYS!" I shouted causing a few weird looks. "Just shut up, seriously or I will punch both of you!" I said a bit more calmly. "Violent much," muttered El causing me to punch her, softly, in the arm. "Let's just go home and get whatever you guys are taking me to, over and done with,"I said.

They grinned eagerly and we all ran to the car. Well, actually El and Mina ran basically carrying me there.

2 Hours Later

"And you, my now absolutely gorgeous friend are ready," said Mina smiling at me. "Are you saying that I wasn't 'absolutely' gorgeous before?" I asked winking at her. She laughed," c'mon, get up and look in the mirror." I huffed and stood up while El brought the mirror to me.

I gaped. I had to say, I looked good. I was wearing black skinny jeans with a white flowy top with a bando underneath, a silver necklace and some pretty bangals and of course my new converse heels. "Perfect!" squealed Mina. "SELFIE TIME!" shouted El, bringing out her phone.

We ran into position and took some random pictures. Some of us looking nice, some of us making weird faces and some of us being caught by surprise. "Definitely going on twitter," said El, clicking the twitter app. I heard a ping and I looked at my phone. Sure enough I had been tagged in a tweet saying:

@avery_g @MinaMa proud girlfriends on a night out :)

I couldn't help looking at the word 'girlfriends' and wondered where we were going? Was I going to see the boys? Most importantly Niall? I doubted it, he was north and he couldn't just cancel a show. Oh well, all hope gone now. "Leggo!" said El and we all bounded into the car.

Mina and El were also dressed up nicely. Mina was wearing light blue jeans with a black cropped top and a cardigan, with some brown ankle boots. El was wearing a pretty summery dress with some cute pumps and a gold necklace. "Where are we go- What are you guys doing?" I asked desperately as Mina and El started wrapping something round my eyes.

"Guys, guys! What the hell? Are you kidnapping me?" I asked desperately, kicking and punching as they tried to force on my blindfold. "For gods sake Avery, calm down. We aren't kidnapping you and please, stop with the kicking. You are like some 3 year old baby!" said El.

"Ok, offence taken," I said. "Sorry," she smiled which was the last thing I saw before everything went black. And no, I didn't pass out of knock my head on the... door handle? No, the blindfold was fastened and I engrossed in darkness. I groaned, not liking this feeling at all.

"Don't worry, you are going to love us after this," said Mina. "I better," I mumbled which made both El and Mina laugh.

I don't know what time we arrived or how long we were in the car for but after some time Mina parked and I was helped out the car seeing as I was still technically blind. I heard faint screaming in the background and I was getting just a tad bit scared. What the hell was going on?

"Now Avery, we have arrived at our destination. You may take off your blindfold," said Mina. I did as I was told and ripped the cover off my eyes. I gaped and my eyes widened. What the hell were we doing at a One Direction Concert? They were supposed to be up in Glasgow!

"Guys, where are we?" I asked. "Um, at a 1D concert," said El, stating the obvious. "No shit but like what city?" "Oh London," said Mina. "But they are supposed to be in Glasgow!" I said, utterly confused. Mina and El looked at each other, then me and then grinned.

"You see. Niall was acting differently while they were on tour. He was kinda sad and not as lively and so were you. Zayn called me up and told me and I told him about you. The same with El and Harry. And we realised that you guys were missing each other dreadfully," Mina winked at me and then carried on," SO we decided to surprise both of you but Niall still doesn't know."

"Oh my god guys, I love you!" I squealed, tackling both of them into a massive group hug. "We know," said El grinning. "Now come on, let's go surprise that love struck Niall, shall we?" I grinned and nodded, following them into the building. "Paul!" we shouted and ran up to give our favorite bodyguard a hug.

"How are my favorite girls?" he laughed returning the hug. "Good," said El happily. "Good, good. Now how about we go surprise Mr. Niall Horan?" We nodded eagerly and followed him.

Niall's POV

"Come on Niall, cheer up. I have food," said Louis, dangling a chocolate bar in front of my face. "No thanks Lou," I mumbled causing him to gape. "Niall Horan is giving up the chance of food?" "Sorry, I just don't feel like it," I said giving him a weak smile.

"Someone's love struck," mumbled Zayn. I thumped him on the head and he yelped in pain. "NIALL! That freaking hu-" He got interrupted by the door opening and Paul coming in. "Hey guys, got some fans behind who just wanna talk for 5 minutes. I met them round the back and it would mean lot," he said.

I groaned but in my head. I really didn't feel like meeting fans or going out on stage or any of that. I just wanted to be with Avery, her cuddled up in my arms and watching a movie. I would kill for that right now. "Let's go," said Harry bouncing out the room.

Zayn took me by the arm and dragged me out. There were 3 girls but they weren't facing us, just chatting quietly the other way. "Girls," said Paul grinning. All 3 of them turned round I my mouth turned into an 'o' shape. I looked at the boys and they were just smiling like this wasn't a complete surprise.

Avery smiled and I opened my arms out. Her smile turned into a massive grin and ran into my arms. I had wanted this for ages. "How come you are here?" I whispered. "To be honest, I didn't even know until 5 minutes ago but apparently I am supposed to be surprising you?" she said.

I laughed and kissed her on the forehead. "I missed you," she said. "I missed you like you could never imagine," I said back. She looked up at me and I kissed her slowly. "Ok, break it up you two. We need to go on stage now," interrupted Louis, breaking our romantic moment.

Avery blushed, she had obviously forgotten that we weren't alone and I glared at Louis but he just smirked. "And you as well," Louis said pointing to Zayn and Mina, who were kissing and El and Harry who were wrapped up in each others arms, often pecking each other.

"Go away Tomlinson," said Zayn glaring at Louis. Mina just giggled and gave Zayn a quick kiss, whispering something in his ear. Harry and El returned to their previous position and talked quietly. I turned my head to Avery and smiled. "I thought you were supposed to be in Glasgow?" she chuckled.

"Me too," I laughed. "Come on guys, we do actually need to go," said Paul. I groaned and Avery kissed me. "Good luck," she said as we pulled away. I kissed her one last time and waved to her as we all were rushed to the back of the stage.

Avery's POV

"Come on, we need to get our seats," said El. We rushed to the front of the stage and ran to our seats. First row of course. A few minutes later the boys ran onto stage and burst out with Live While We're Young. Mina, El and I danced and danced but stopped as the song drew to a close.

"Now the next song we are going to sing is C'mon, C'mon and I would like to dedicate this to my favorite and the most special girl in the world to me. Avery Gab. I love you Avery," he said, scanning the crowd. Liam tapped his shoulder and pointed to me. 

The crowd 'awwed' and cooed but to be honest, it was just Niall that I cared about. I loved Niall much. As soon as Niall saw me, he motioned with his hands - I love you. He pointed to himself, then made a heart and then me which just made the whole crowd applaud and aww.

Mina and El squealed beside me and I did the same thing back to Niall. He started singing but never once took his eyes from me which I did the same thing. I loved Niall.


Soooo. Avery there is your nice one =D hope you liked it!!!!!!!! Your funny one is coming soon :P And yes, I decided to put El and I in it because it would be funny and put some jokes in there... As violent as always Avery ;)

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The next one is Avery's funny one!! It might be a tad weird but really funny!!

I hope you liked it Avery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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