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3. Breakfast - Foevalouis24 Imagine - Louis Tomlinson

Kyra's POV

I woke up with the familiar scent of Louis cologne lingering round my body. My eyes fluttered open and I found myself facing rock, hard abs. I just stared and prodded them slightly. Wow, they were hard. 

"Like what you see?" someone asked. My head jerked up and I saw Louis beautiful eyes facing down at me. "Er, no," I mumbled, feeling my bace go red. "Mmhmm, I'm sure you don't. The fact that you were staring at them for like 5 minutes really says that you don't like what you see," he said ruffling my hair. 

"Go away," I mumbled into his chest. "Come on," he said kissing my forehead and rolling over. I groaned and fell out the bed. "Nice," he chuckled. "I am not. A morning. Person," I said slowly. "You think that I don't know that?" he said, helping me up. I was against his chest and he was playing with my hair. "Let's go eat breakfast," he said into my hair.

I looked up and he smiled at me, then his lips came down closer and placed a short kiss on my lips. He slipped his hand into mine and lead me into the kitchen. "What would you like m'lady?" he asked poshly. I giggled and said," well, since you are well known for being a 5 star chef, I would like... a croissant filled with strawberries and blueberries and then pancakes drizzled in maple syrup with rasberries and then also some coco pops."

He raised his eyebrow and then smiled," ok but don't tell the boys, especially Niall. He will be begging to make me food like this all the time." "Louis, you don't actually have to make this," I said laughing," I was joking. I can just make some cereal myself."

"Nope," he said kissing my nose lightly," because you are my girlfriend and I love you and I want to treat you nicely." I tingled as he said the words 'I love you'. "Wait, so if I wasn't your girlfriend you wouldn't make me breakfast?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

"You would never not be my girlfriend," he said. I giggled and felt myself turn red for the second time today. "But seriously Lou, you don't have to make me anything," I pleaded. "Nuh uh, now go get changed. We are going out today," he said.

"Oooh, where are we going?" I asked excitedly. "It's a surprise," he said. I groaned and he chuckled. "Lou, you know that I hate surprises," I moaned. "I know but I am sure that you will love this one," he said flashing me his gorgeous smile. "Ugh, fine," I muttered and hopped off my seat. I gave him a quick kiss and then sped upstairs.

I filed through my wardrobe and then decided on some black skinny jeans, a long sleeved, white and see-through top with a white tank top underneath and some heeled ankle boots. I placed them out on my bed and had a quick shower, washing my strawberry blonde hair with some Herbal Essences.

I quickly got dressed and rushed downstairs and into the sitting room. I turned on the tv and started to flick through a magazine. I wasn't really listening to the tv until something I heard made my head suddenly prick up.

"The heartthrob Louis Tomlinson may have split up from his girlfriend, Kyra Banks (A.N. Sorry, I didn't know your last name obviously so I made up one) as he was spotted a few days ago with a girl who is yet to be identified. They went into a building and seemed very close, hugging each other as they braced the cold winds in London."

A picture flashed up on the screen of Louis with some other girl, his arms wrapped around her and keeping her from the cold. I had to agree with the tv show, they looked very close and for some reason she seemed familiar.

Louis POV

I had finished making the breakfast and I had to say, I was pretty pleased with myself. I had the croissants filled with everything she wanted and the pancakes were piled up on a plate with mayple syrup basically smothered on it with a few blueberries dotted around on it.

And of course I had the coco pops on the side although I hadn't put any milk on it yet because I knew she hated her cereal soggy. "Ky, your breakkie is ready," I called. There was silence and then I heard the shuffling of her feet, except they didn't seem to be coming in my direction, more like the door.

"Hey Ky, where are you going?" I called, going into the sitting room. She looked like she had been crying, wait, scrap that, she was still crying. Her cheeks were stained from her tears and her makeup had run slightly. "Ky, what's the matter?" I asked desperately and rushed up to her.

She flinched away as I touched her and I tried to search her eyes for an answer but she broke away the eye contact. "Ky, please tell me. I'm worried," I said pleaded. "See for yourself," she mumbled pointing to the tv screen which I could see had been paused.

My eyes widened with confusion, anger and worry. The picture showed me hugging a girl. A girl, I knew very well. I looked back at Kyra," Ky. Let me exp-" "Save it," she said and stormed out of the flat. I grabbed my coat and ran after her. No, this wasn't happening, she had to let me explain.

"Kyra!" I shouted. She had dissapeared into nowhere. Dammit, she was a fast runner and when I said fast, I mean't she was the fastest girl I had ever seen. She could run in a flash. I pulled my phone out and dialed the first number I could think of, Perrie.

"Hey Lou, what's up?"

"Hi Perrie, I need to ask you a favour?"

"Yeah sure, what do you need?"

"Well, er, Kyra saw something on tv with me hugging this other girl and stuff etc. What I need for you to do is to get Kyra, she ran off and you know how fast she is. I really need to speak to her because she get the wrong idea of what was going on and I really need to explain to her what happened."

There was silence at the other end before Perrie answered.

"Fine but no offence but I think you are going to have to do a lot to get her back, you know what happened the last time?" My mind flickered back to when we were just friends, when she was dating that dick, Jake and how he broke her heart. If that incident hadn't brought us together I would probably go punch him up right now.

"Thanks Perrie and please tell her to talk to me- Actually, tell her to meet you at the park at 7:30. Then when you see her, lead her to the back end of the park where the secluded area is and give her to me, that is where I will be."

"OK, cool. I will try my hardest and I will text you what is going on throughout the day."

"Thanks Perrie, bye."

Kyra's POV

I ran and ran until I found myself collapsed on the ground. I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to. Louis wasn't like Jake was he? I suddenly felt something buzz in my pocket and I reluctantly took it out, praying that it wasn't Louis. Luckily, it was just Perrie so I wiped away my tears and answered the call.

"Hey Perrie," I said trying to sound a bit more cheerful. "Hey Ky, how are you?" Er, I'm fine," I muttered, I would tell her later but I couldn't face it now. "Coolio, so I was just wondering if you wanted to come round later, like 7? And then we would meet up with Zayn and Niall in the park around 7:30?"

I groaned in my head. "Um, I'm really sorry Perrie but I don't think that I am up for going... out right now." "Pleeeease Ky, I haven't seen you in ages and I miss you," she pleaded. I sighed," fine, what time?" "Er, 6:30?" "Sure, see you there Perrie."

6:30pm // Perrie and Zayn's flat

I rang the doorbell and stepped back slightly, fiddling with my fingers. I hadn't gone home so I probably looked terrible and I knew that Perrie would interrogate me about it. The door burst open and I was faced with a beaming Perrie. Her smile suddenly turned upside down as she saw me. Well that was nice.

"Oh my god Ky, what happened, come in?" she asked. "It's nothing," I said. She cocked her eyebrow up but left it which made me gawk in wonder. What the hell was wrong with Perrie? Normally she woukld interrogate me until every last detail came out and then she would comfort me.

"Well, let's get you cleaned up and I will make some tea for you, then we can go out and meet the boys," she said excitedly. I flashed her a quick and fake smile and went into the bathroom. I stared at myself. My mascara had ran so badly, it looked like someone had smeared oil all over my self and my hair was like a birds nest, except I am pretty sure no birds would want to stay in it. My clothes were crumped and dirty and I overall looked horrible.

I washed away my makeup, making myself look natural but not as pretty. (A.N. I don't mean to be offensive or whatever, it is only for the story's sake and stuff. Please don't be offended) Then brushed my hair out with a brush which was on the side. I couldn't tell whether it was Perrie or Zayn's but I didn't really care at the moment and then straightened out my clothes.

When I went back into the kitchen Perrie was holding a nice mug of hot tea and I gulped it down, feeling the rush of warm fluid rush down my veins. "Come on, let's go," she said.

Louis POV

I was pacing back and forth and back and forth in the park. I had set up everything. I had already set this up weeks ago since I had missed our anniversary for the tour but now it seemed much more important, not that our anniversary wasn't important or anything, just the fact that I didn't want her to think I was like Jake.

I heard the sound of feet come closer and closer and the sound of girl's voices come nearer. Yep, they were Kyra's and Perrie's. Suddenly, I saw Perrie and the most beautiful girl in the world come out of the trees. Kyra looked from Perrie to me and stopped, her eyes widening as she saw me.

Then she turned around and attempted to run but Perrie caught her at the last moment. "No, you are staying here to talk. I can't let your relationship go down because you misinterpreted something. Now go speak to Louis and no, I will not take no for an answer," Perrie said sternly.

If I hadn't been in such a serious situation I probably would have laughed but all of those emotions had been left behind for now. Kyra looked back at me and her eyes drooped, I could tell that she was about to cry. I rushed up to her and hugged her tightly as Perrie slipped away.

"Kyra please speak to me," I whispered into her hair. There was a pause before she replied," why would you do that? I thought you were different Louis." I took my head away from hers and gripped her arms, looking directly into her eyes.

"What Perrie said was right. You misinterpreted that picture. I was hugging Dani," I said, her eyes widened. "Wait, so you are with Dani now?" she asked, obviously appalled that I was supposedly cheating on her with Liam's girlfriend. "No, no. We were going to the arena together for the concert and it was really cold and the wind was blowing so I hugged her. The reason you couldn't see her face was because she was hiding from the cold. I promise you Kyra, I am nothing like Jake. I love you so, so much and I would never do that to you."

She looked at me, tears still running down her cheeks. I gently stroked them away with the tip of my thumb and she looked back down at the floor. "You promise," she whispered. I nodded," I promise Ky. I would never hurt you, not intentionally and I would never cheat on you because I can never stop loving you, ever."

She looked back up at me and suddenly her lips had crashed onto mine. "I love you," I whispered. "I love you too Louis William Tomlinson."


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