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6. Bad Day - Zoe Xtra Mini's Imagine - Niall Horan

Zoe's POV

"You have one more chance Zoe, either you stop messing around and actually serve my customers or you are going to get fired. You have one last chance now leave before I change my mind," Jane, my boss shouted. The other waitresses sniggered behind her and I nodded.

I pulled off my apron quickly and threw it onto my hook, than grabbed my coat and bag and rushed off. My head was pounding as I ran into my car and slammed the door shut. The rain hit against the glass windows and tears rolled down my cheeks.

Ugh, why couldn't anything go right today? I sighed and suddenly my phone buzzed. I groaned silently and rummaged around in my jean pockets, trying to find it. I quickly answered it and pulled it up to my ear. "Hey Chloe," I muttered to my best friend.

"Heyy Zo, I was wondering if you wanted to come out with me to lunch around now? I am really bored and I can tell that you aren't having one of your best days, so maybe this will cheer you up?" she asked. I smiled softly to myself. Chloe could always tell when I wasn't having a good day and that was one of the reasons she was my best friend.

"Er, ok. Where are we going?" I asked. "Um, Roses?" she asked. I squealed," yes! Ok, I am coming now." I ended the phone call and threw onto the passenger seat, then turned the car on and sped off to Roses. I loved Roses, I could eat there all day.

It was like Nando's for Niall. All the people there knew me and when I turned up with Niall, they nearly gave me a black card. Oh yeah, Niall is my boyfriend. He was about to start his tour so he was really busy with rehearsals and even though he hadn't left yet, I was already missing him like mad.

I arrived at Roses and I saw Chloe already waiting outside. I jogged up to her, since my headache was coming back slightly and hugged her. "Ah, god, I haven't been here for ages," I said. "What, like 3 days?" she chuckled. "Maybe," I said and pulled her in.

The waitress just smiled and we went to our normal table. The waitress came up and as normal, I ordered my normal. Chloe got something else which I can't remember.

"So, I'm guessing your morning wasn't terribly good?" she asked. I sighed," no. I nearly got fired from my job because Stacy knocked me over 'by accident' and Jane only saw the mess so she was like 'either you stop messing around or' blah, blah, blah."

Chloe chuckled and said," don't worry about Jane. And- Eek, the food is coming." I turned around to see my massive plate of food coming towards me. "Mmm," I mumbled and the waitress chuckled. "Here's your food guys," she said and left us to eat.

5 Minutes Later

I rinsed my mouth with some water that Chloe had brought me and stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. I looked terrible. "Oh my god, what was that?" asked Chloe. "I... I don't know," I spluttered. "Oh god, do you think you are preg-"

"Eww, no Chlo. That's disgusting," I said, hitting her around the head. "I'm sorry, I just thought... You know... You and Niall," she said, rubbing her head. "Nooooo, disgusting. Not that Niall is or anything, just... eww," I said. "Sorry, maybe it was the food?" she asked.

I sighed and nodded," it probably was." Suddenly, Amanda, a waitress who I knew very well came rushing in. "Oh my god Zo, are you ok?" "I'm fine, don't worry," I said. "God, you know this food can be on the house and god, I am so sorry that this was the food and-"

"Amanda, it's fine," I said," now breathe." She took a deep breath and then let it out while Chloe was chuckling behind her. "I think I should get going though and don't worry, I will come back. Just make sure that I don't get food poisoning," I said, raising my eyebrow and giving her a funny face.

She laughed and nodded," bye." I waved and walked outside. "God, this day isn't going veraaaaaAAAHHH!" I screamed as I came face first against the concrete pavment. "Oh god, Zoe, what just happened?" asked Chloe as tears came streaming down my face. "I t-tripped but I think that I have b-broken my a-ankle," I stammered.

Chloe gave one look at my ankle and than got her phone out. "Stay in that position and don't move, I am calling an amubulance."

1 Hour Later

I was now sitting on a hospital bed, waiting for someone to come in and tell me whether I was allowed to go home or not. I hadn't really noticed until now how lonely it was to be in hospital. Chloe had to go phone a friend or something and the doctors were 'deliberating' whether I should be allowed out or not.

I mean seriously, it isn't that hard. I groaned before the door opened and in came Dr. Jameson. "Hello Miss. Winshester, how are you feeling?" he asked. "Er, fine. Am I allowed to leave?" I asked impaitiently. Dr. Jameson chuckled and said," yes you are, but you are going to have to go on crutches and you have to have a very relaxing week from now on."

I nodded, trying not to think of Jane's reaction when I tell her that I had broken my ankle and wouldn't be able to come in. "Ok, great, so can I leave, like now?" I asked. He laughed again and nodded," I think Chloe? Yes, Chloe will be taking you home."

Chloe came rushing in and said," I am taking her now. Come on Zo, we need to go.... Hey that rhymed?! Isn't that so cool, I mean, I am not a po-" "Yeah, let's go," I said, interrupting her little fangirling and ripping the duvet covers off myself.

I ended up hobbling everywhere and I was definitely ready to just collapse on the sofa and watch a whole bunch of sad movies when I arrived home. Chloe opened the door for me and lead me inside. My eyes almost bulged as I saw Niall standing there nervously.

"Niall?! I asked, almost shouting. I saw Chloe slip away from the corner of my eye but I kept my focus on Niall. "What are you doing here? You are supposed to be rehearsing and meeting people and dancing and singing and... Not here!" I said.

He chuckled and motioned me over to the sofa. I did as I was told and flopped down on the sofa. Niall brought up the coffee table and placed my foot gently on it, with a pillow underneath.

Niall's POV

It almost broke my heart when Chloe rang me in the middle of rehearsals and told me what had happened to Zoe. I felt so bad for not being there, especially since I wasn't going to be here for another 8 or so months.

I laid her back on my lap and started to stroke her forehead. "I am here to take care of you," I said softly. I stroked my hands through her soft brown locks and my eyes found hers as we sat there staring at each other. It was after a while where I bent down and gave her a soft kiss.

As I pulled away, I noticed that she was crying and I wiped them away with my fingers. "What's wrong Zo?" I whispered. There was a pause before I said," everything is going wrong. I nearly got fired, I got food poisoning and I broke my ankle and then... You are leaving and I am... going to miss you so much."

I felt tears come out of my eyes as I heard about how much pain she had been going through. She hadn't had an easy childhood and I had wanted to change that. "I'm sorry Zoe, you know I would do anything to stay with you and if you didn't protest, I would stay here," I said.

She nodded and turned away but I tilted her chin back to me and kissed her. So much love was passed to each other and I whispered against her lips," I love you."

I pulled away and got up. "Where are you going?" she asked. "I am going to get you some oreos and milk and then I will keep on taking care of you," I said simply. "But what about your rehearsals? What about work? You have a tour Niall and-"

"It's fine Zo, I sorted it out. Now it's just us," I said, kissing her forehead and going to the kitchen.

I returned back to the sitting room and saw that she was nearly asleep. I smiled and walked over to her," I have some oreos and milk." Her eyes perked open and I chuckled as she ate them quickly. As she ate the last one she said," I love you Niall."

I kissed her," I love you too Zoe."


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