1D Imagines/Preferences/Image

Hey guys!!! So if you want an imagine, here is the information that you have to give me:
Name, Hair colour, Eye colour, relationship with boy, Boy and whether you want the imagine long or short :)
Hope you like them and I will do them reguarly =D
I will also doing preferences and situations. They will be coming regularly so watch out :)


10. A Day At the Beach - Preference

So this is my first preference thingy, hope you like it!!


You and Harry are going to the beach with some of your friends. Harry tells you to go get dressed giving you a light peck on the lips. You ran up the stairs and get dressed into a black and white bikini you got from Victoria Secret. You slip on some shorts, a top that ties up at the front and some flip flops. You grab a towel and ran back downstairs. Harry is leaning on the wall in some shorts and no top. You try not to gape and he chuckles. "Like what you see?" he asks laughing and kissing you on the forehead. You blush but just say," come on." You arrive at the beach and you are a bit skeptical about taking off your shorts and top. You just stare at all your friends playing in the water and sigh. You don't really like revealing yourself. Suddenly, someone wraps their arms around you and you turn around. "You ok Y/N\?" Harry asks. You nod and turn back around with his arms still round your waist. "Your beautiful and you shouldn't be scared about going out in a bikini. You are absolutely gorgeous," Harry says. "Thanks Harry but not really," you reply. "Yes really but if you really don't want to then how about some volleyball?" he asks. You nod your head eagerly and he grins, slipping his hand into yours and pulling you over to the net. Some more friends join you and you soon are playing a fun and competitive game of volleyball. When you go in to block a ball, you didn't notice someone's foot and trip over, spraining your ankle badly. You try not to yelp in pain and bite back the tears. "Y/N, are you alright?" Harry asks desperately, rushing over to you and inspecting your ankle. You nod and give him a weak smile. He holds your head to his bare chest and tears slowly run down your face, wetting his chest. Every so often Harry gives you kisses and the pain slowly eases away. Suddenly, someone backs onto Harry and he collapses onto you. First, you are quite surprised and Harry looks angry before his gaze flickers to your lips. He gives you a little grin and you blush. He leans down and kisses you slow and passionately.


"Y/N hurry up, we need to get there soon otherwise we won't be able to get you a board!" shouts Liam as you bound down the stairs. "Sorry Li, got a text from the boys saying that they couldn't make it," you reply. Instead of looking sad, he grins and gives you a peck. Just as you pull away, he whispers," looks as if it is just you and me." It sends shivers down your back and you blush but you are looking forward to it. You haven't had time alone with Liam for some time. He slips his hand into yours and leads you out. A few minutes later you arrive at the familiar beach. "Race you to the boardwalk!" you shout even you know that Liam will probably beat you because he is a runner. You sprint ahead, surprising Liam but he runs after you and grabs you by the waist, lifting you up in the air and spinning you around in the air. You both laugh and Liam slowly brings you down but not to the ground. You wrap your legs around his waist and you both gaze into each other eyes for a while. You slowly bring your head closer to his and his leans forward and you kiss passionately. You wrap your arms around his neck as his hands creep round your waist, bringing you closer to him. As you pull away, he whispers against your lips," I love you Y/N." "I love you too Liam Panye, more than you can imagine." He gives you another kiss and places you down. You lean against his chest and look out onto the beach. Suddenly, loads of flashes emerge and you try to hide your face but Liam just swirls you around. "Liam, what are you doing? This is going to be all over the news!" you say, trying to stop him. "But I don't mind about the papers. I only care about you and whatever they say are lies. Our relationship is ours, not theirs," he says. You can't register his words first but smile and kiss him deeply. "I honestly love you so much Liam Payne," you say.


"What about that one?" you ask Niall, pointing over to a banana ride. "Er, rather not," he says shyly. You giggle and say," what is it Nialler?" "It's nothing," he mumbles. You lift up his chin and give him a long kiss. "Now, will you tell me otherwise... no more kisses for the rest of the day," you grin. His eyes widen and he quickly replies," whenIwaslittlewewentononeofthoseridesandIfelloffit." You raise your eyebrow at him and his eyes plead with you. "Sorry, what?" He groans and you just smile. "No more kisses," you remind him and he quickly tells you. "Oh Nialler, I'm sorry," you say and give him a quick kiss. "How about that one?" he asks, pointing over to a paddle car for two. "Perfect," you chuckle and you both run over. He gets in and he helps you up. The instructor hands you lifeguards and gives you some tips but both of you don't really listen. "LEGGO!" shouts Niall. You giggle and both start moving your feet vigorously. The boat moves but after a few minutes, your legs are exhausted and you fall on top of each other, laughing. Suddenly, your phone buzzes and you have a quick look. You grin and look over to Niall who is looking at you. "What is it Y/N?" he asks. "Oh nothing, just the boys said that we have 5 minutes to get back to shore otherwise they will leave us and go to Nand- AAAAHHH!" You start screaming as Niall paddle hard as he hears the word Nando's. "Come on, paddle! I want Nando's!" he shouts. You laugh but join him. Unfortunately neither of you are in time and the boat ends up tipping over. You scream and water engulfs you. "NIALL!" you shout although it is slightly muffled since the water is tipping into your mouth. You are getting more and more worried as there is no sign of Niall or help. Suddenly, someone grabs you and thankfully it's Niall. "You ok princess?" he asks urgently. You nod and he helps you back into the boat. You fall into his arms and he holds you tightly. "I'm sorry," he says. You shake your head and kiss him. "It's not your fault, it's mine," you say. He kisses you on the forehead and paddle back to shore.


"No, no. Y/N, this is how you do it," Louis calls, climbing onto his board and waiting for the wave to come. You watch him and can't help checking him out. His hair is wet but still somehow looks amazing, you can see his biceps through his wet suit and don't even get started on his bum. "Like what you see?" he chuckles. You blush and shake your head," you wish Tomlinson." He laughs and a big wave comes which he surfs over amazingly. You clap your hands and he bows causing you to giggle. "Again! Again!" you say happily. He climbs back onto the surfboard just as a wave comes and he falls off. You laugh hysterically as he comes out of the water looking very unhappy. "I think Tommo, that this first one was a fluke," you giggle. "Oh no you don't," he says evily and starts tickling you. "STOP! STOP!" you shout making other people on the shore look at you but you don't care. "PLEASE LOU!" you shout again and he finally stops. "Thanks boo," you say quickly, pecking him on the cheek and trying to get back onto your surfboard to try again but Louis grabs your wrist and pulls you back. "Wrong place," he grins. You chuckle and this time kiss him on the lips. "A Star," he exclaims. You chuckle and get onto the surfboard, waiting for another wave to come. As soon as you are about to surf the wave, Louis hits your board and you topple over. You are caught by the wave and can hardly see anything. You start to panic and fret about, flapping your hands desperately in the water. Suddenly, a pair of hands grab you by the waist and spin you around so you are now facing Louis. "Oh my god Y/N, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to do--" "It's fine Lou, honestly," you smile. He grins and leans in to kiss you which you do as well. As soon as he closes his eyes and your lips are about to touch you lean back and splash his face with water. "Payback!" you say happily. His eyes turn from anger to a devious glint and haul you back. "No one teases The Tommo," he says and crashes his lips onto yours.


You and the boys and their girlfriends are playing in the sea while your boyfriend Zayn, is sunbathing on the sand. You wanted to stay with him but he begged you to play in the sea, saying that you shouldn't not have a good time because of him. It is getting dark and everyone is starting to go inside. You follow them but realise that Zayn is not with you guys. You slip out of the crowd and back to the beach where you see a dark figure sitting on the sand. You walk up slowly and then realise that it is still Zayn. "Hey Zaynie," you say, sitting down next to him. He smiles at you and puts his arm round you, bringing you closer to him. "Hey Y/N," he replies. "Why aren't you coming inside with everyone else?" you ask. "Because everything here is so beautiful, including you." You blush and shiver at the same time. "You're cold," he states and grabs a blanket from the side. He wraps it round the both of you and you both stare at the ocean. You are both silent but it's comfortable and romantic. It's perfect. After a few moments silence, he says," should we make a fire?" You nod and stand up. "Let's go get some wood," he says and slips your hand into yours. You walk down the coast before he says," I've missed you." You stop and turn to face him," you have no idea how much I have missed you too." You are about to kiss when suddenly, Zayn jumps and falls over. Unfortunately, you still have your arms round his neck and fall on top of him. His eyes are scared but turn to a small smile. "Sorry, about that. Some water, er, touched my foot," he mumbles. You laugh and your head falls into the crook of his neck. He rolls you over so you are both on your side and you stare into his dark and mysterious eyes. "Why hello there," Zayn chuckles. You giggle but are interrupted by Zayn's lips smashing onto yours.


So there is my first preference/situation/imagine. I don't really know what to call it so just call it whatever you like really :p

I think the next one I will do will be dates or something. If you have any ideas just tell me.

Mina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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