1D Imagines/Preferences/Image

Hey guys!!! So if you want an imagine, here is the information that you have to give me:
Name, Hair colour, Eye colour, relationship with boy, Boy and whether you want the imagine long or short :)
Hope you like them and I will do them reguarly =D
I will also doing preferences and situations. They will be coming regularly so watch out :)


1. Info for Imagines and Preferences/Images

Hey guys!!! =D

So if you want an imagine, just look above in the blurb for the info!!!!

If you are too lazy :P, here is the info:


Eye Colour

Hair Colour


Relationship with the boy (e.g. just friends, couple, best friends, enemies etc.)

Whether you want the the imagine to be long or short

Read my other imagines to get an idea... :)

Also, if you like your imagine than please fave this book and like it!! Means the world!!!

Get commenting...

And I will also be doing Preferences/Images which start on Chapter 10 :) They will just be situations with the boys and I may do individual ones if I get a really good idea!!!

Mina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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