no matter what I will love you

The day She meet him she know they would last forever, until that day that only day something started to change. Something went wrong, something didnt go the way it was to happen will or will she not follow the love of her life.


11. where is she

   milenis mom POV

    ok its been two hours and she hasnt texted or called me i was getting worried but i also sadi she had to be home at 12 and its only 5 so she has lots of time i texted her real quie but she didnt reply i texted nathalie to see how everything was going and she replyed say oh hi mrs. iglesias everything uis going great she should be home soon:) that made me feel a lot better so i went back to what i was doing


  me and nathalie walked into a gas station and zayn came with i went to the bathroom first and left nathaluie and zayn outside the door when i was out the bathroom they were both gone when i started to look around i saw it i saw the unexpecting something i couldnt believer she would do OH MY GOD!

     Zayn POV

  Me and that beautful nathalie were stading outside the bathroom waiting from milenia to come out but nathalie said she was thursty and walk near the friges andshe was looking at all the drinks she was starting to walk a little and i grabbed her arm and pulled  her so body would slam against mine and that whats happened I looked her in her eyes and she looked back I smashed my lips to hers and she kissed back while I was pulling her close to me from her back and she held on from my neck and the kiss was getting deeper and deeper about to become a make out until someone coughed be hide us and Nathalie pulled away and looked I turn to see who still with my arms around Nathalie and her arms around my neck and there stood a angry milenia



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