no matter what I will love you

The day She meet him she know they would last forever, until that day that only day something started to change. Something went wrong, something didnt go the way it was to happen will or will she not follow the love of her life.


3. Oh my god!

For some weird reason it was so quiet in the mall. Me and Nathalie noticed there wasn't anyone here. While we were walking a security guard saw us and said " young lady's I'm sorry but this mall has been emptied for a reason that why we asked everyone to leave you lady's have go" I heard a strong Irish accent say " it's ok 2 girls won't do a harm" when I tired around I saw a blond guy with braces wearing green sneakers. "NIALL HORAN!!!" I heard Nathalie scream. "I see you heard about me before " that Irish accent answered. Now I'm a big one direction fan and so is Nathalie but I tried to play it cool.Which didn't last long when I then saw Louis Tomlinson. I've always loved Louis because for his perfect sense of humor. I was just standing there when all of a sudden that curly headed guy popped out beside him. At first I was like oh my god it was him running tours me, but before I could finish my thoughts he said " ohh...dear your the girl, I'm so sorry we would have stopped to help you if there wasn't a bunch of girls chasing us." I just starred at him before I heard Nathalie whisper to me " Milenia your starring" I just jumped a little and said
"its ok I'm fine" I then heard Niall say "so you lady's want to do a little shopping"he asked. Nathalie fast said "where's zayn and Liam?" with a confused face on. I just looked at her and then at them and said " yeah where are they?" "I don't really know actually" Louis said.
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