no matter what I will love you

The day She meet him she know they would last forever, until that day that only day something started to change. Something went wrong, something didnt go the way it was to happen will or will she not follow the love of her life.


6. Oh brother!

As I was abt to leave Nathalie finally broke the kiss. She came running to me to ask where I was going. I told her I was going home that's it's been a long day! I didn't know where one direction went but I also didn't want to, its been a long day. I was mad, mad at everything gosh I always have bad luck. I always have my mom there for me tho. She always knows what to say and do in situation like this. When I was about to walk out I felt a hand grab my arm and turn me around when I opened my eyes I say those perfect blue eyes and blond hair. I knew something was ment to be. I hope it would end up like happy ever afters. But I didn't have that luck

Nialls POV.

Her eyes were soo beatiful her hair just flowed down she was gorgeous and I wanted her to be mine. I know that would never happened she didn't seem like she wanted to be in a relashionship so I wasn't going to push her. She pulled away from my grip I had around her and took a step back she was like "Is there something u need Niall?" I was fast to answer " YES....! Wait no? Yeah no no sorry I think I should go. Do u need a ride home?" she just nodded her head I grabbed her hand and we started walking tours my car before I heard a girl scream "IT'S  NIALL HORAN" she was fast in shock and didn't know what to do so I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and started to run I unlocked the door and we got in. There was girls all over that car she was kinda scared but I grabbed her hand." I never got your name" I said " milenia it's milenia but u can call me Mel "she answered "and how old are u milenia?" "17" she was perfect 17 is the perfect age not to young and not to old she was beatiful and I wanted her to be mine I wanted to be able to say she was mine and no one could have her.

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