no matter what I will love you

The day She meet him she know they would last forever, until that day that only day something started to change. Something went wrong, something didnt go the way it was to happen will or will she not follow the love of her life.


12. Mikey vs. Zayn

 Mikey POV

    So Nathalie hasn't  texted or called me so in think she hasn't forgiven me even though I didn't do anything I was trying to forget abt it so I went to my twitter  and I went to see if Nathalie posted anything but when I got to her profile there was a picture of her kissing a guy I knew it was her from her long curly hair and the guy looked in his 20 and a tattoo of a Microphone  on  his arm  she had her arms wrapped around his neck he was taller then her so she was on the tip of her toes and pulling him close to her I couldn't believe the love of my life would break my heart like this I wanted to find this guy and I will if its the last thing I do

Zayn POV

  I kissed her.. Wait she kissed back oh my god her lips fit on mine like we were meant to be together I knew right there we would be together forever and I wanted it When we pulled away from how we were I took her hand ad we looked at milenia but she just turned and walked way he hopped into the front seat and I sat with Nathalie  in the back seat and I wrapped my arm her and and whispered in her ear " I love and always will" she looked at me with a tear in her eye I wiped her eyes and asked her is she was ok and she shook her head " no I'm not Zayn I just cheated on Mikey how could I do that to him" I looked at her and saw the sadness in her but in my mind I wanted her to break up with him so bad!

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