no matter what I will love you

The day She meet him she know they would last forever, until that day that only day something started to change. Something went wrong, something didnt go the way it was to happen will or will she not follow the love of her life.


5. Gosh!

When I turned to see who it was my eyes popped, I didn't see this coming, I didn't even know he was here, and I didn't want Nathalie to know what he was doing. I was kinda wondering where Nathalie and Harry were.IT WAS MIKEY! I turned and slapped his hand away from me as his face grow in shock. " WHAT WE'RE U DOING?why are you here? get away from me!" I screamed. His face let a little smirk on his lips while I just turned around and forgot one direction was here! My face grow with embarrassment. I walked away knowing Mikey was following me. He grabbed my shoulders and asked "where's Nathalie?" I gave him a death glare and said I didn't know she was with Harry. His eyes grew with sadness while he stuttered " wh-who's Harry?" I was fast to answer "a guy why do u want to know?" His eyes then grew with anger and said "IS SHE CHEATING ON ME, DID SHE NOT LOVE ME, I knew we weren't ment to be" Nathalie came from around the corner and her eyes caught Mikey's. she knew something was wrong so she came running. She went to hug Mikey but before she could he took a step back. Right away sadness grew in her eyes I think I even saw a tear growing. She stuttered "I-is ther-there something wrong" he fast replayed "are you.....? Cheating on me!?" She fast whipped that tear that started rolling down her cheek and answer "why would I ever do that? I love you do you not trust me?" "Who's Harry" he asked. her eyes popped open and she said "he's from one direction he was taking me to the food court" a little smile grew on his face and said "wheres that food" "it was closed" she answered. "Oh?" Was the last thing I herd before she jumped in his arm and she crashed her lips to his.
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