Fates Game-Elis Story

I recall a time when she remembered me. A time when I was happy. A time when she would smile, laugh and enjoy the feeling of being together. Now she has forgotten me and I have to win her back, or I will disappear forever.


8. ????-Revenge

               Purple smoke surrounded the room, making it seem even creepier than it should have been. Despite myself I shivered, there was something about Fate that made me shiver down to the bone. I knew she liked it that way. Sometimes I even wondered why I still loved her. Was it because she was Fate and made it so I would love her? Or maybe she knew what was going to happen, and she could use that to control me? Ugh just trying to figure out what was going on in her head, hurt me. I looked up noticing Fate was already here.  Her hair glowed in the darkness of her room, again I shivered.

               "Good to see you Destiny," She smiled holding out her hand.

               "Good to see you too Fate," I said taking her hand.

              Her smile widened, "Lets get to work."

             I nodded following her deeper into her room. Thats right...revenge is at hand.

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