Fates Game-Elis Story

I recall a time when she remembered me. A time when I was happy. A time when she would smile, laugh and enjoy the feeling of being together. Now she has forgotten me and I have to win her back, or I will disappear forever.


12. Elizer-Whats Wrong With This Picture?

        The glorious morning light woke me up, just like every other day. I woke up a smile on my face, I always loved the morning. Maybe it was the way the birds chirped and chimed, it refreshed my spirits. There was something about this morning a put me at unease. It felt like a deejay-voe moment, hadn't this happened before? Sitting up I yawned, putting one hand on my head I stopped. I had the strangest head-ache, I never got a head-ache. My feet landed on the cold wooden floor, my white bedroom walls blinded me they were so bright. Just what exactly was going on? I stumbled down the stairs, maybe today was just a different day, and my head pounded because I was thirsty. I didn't feel thirsty. My foot lost balance and I fell the rest of the way down the stairs when I got to the bottom my sided and bottom hurt. I looked at my feet, since when was I wearing socks? Shaking my head, I realized this was definitely one of those off days.

          My mother walked into the room, her green eyes widened a little. "Are you okay Elizer?" She asked helping me up. "Looks like you had quite a fall." She said swiping her hands across her light pink apron.

         "Thanks mom, I am okay."

         She nodded a smile on her face now, "Well I made some pancakes if you would like some." She returned to the kitchen, I followed her. Scooping some pancakes up she put some on my plate. I cut the pancakes up I scooped them up taking a huge bite. I almost spit them out when I realized they were strawberry pancakes."What's wrong Elizer?" She asked. "Do you not like the pancakes?"

         "Oh no," I shook my head looking for a quick escape. "I realized I have to hurry the bus will be here soon."

        She laughed, "It's Saturday silly."

       "Oh," I said swallowing the pancakes.

        "Ah that reminds me, your friend....oh what's his name? Xavier called, he said he wanted to meet you at the park. To discuss a school project or something."

       "Thanks," I nodded running up the stairs, "I'm going to go get ready so I can meet him as soon as possible." Running up the stairs I thought, 'what school project?'                      


       The sun was at its highest point as I entered the park. My head ache had already gone an hour or so ago. I was already feeling better. Most people where in their homes, most people I know sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I on the other hand like to wake up early, the early bird catches the worm, some would say. I guess thats my motto-I bumped into something making me stop, I looked up from the sidewalk and saw that it was Xaiver. He looked a little bit annoyed, a slight frown on his tan face. "Watch where you are going." He said placing a hand on my shoulder to move me back.

      "Sorry," I mumbled fidgeting a little bit. Deciding to change the subject I said, "so my mom told me to meet you here. What did you want, I didn't know we had a school project."

      "We don't," he replied a serious tone in his voice.  He put his hands in his brown jacket, his breath visible in the cold winter afternoon. "There is something I need to tell you."

      "What is it?" I asked running a hand through my brown hair.

      "Something is....different." His purple eyes looked away from mine.

      "What do you mean?" What's different?"

        "Thats the thing Eli, I don't know." He lowered his voice. "There's just something different in the air ya know? Its giving me the creeps." He shivered backing up a little bit.

        "Uh. I'm not following. You're not making any sense."

         "It's hard to explain, ugh. Look just follow me and you will see."

         "Uh....okay then."

         I followed him our footsteps silent among the running cars.  Xavier seemed worried, about what I was not quite sure. But it was strange to see him on edge like this, he was usually calm and collected unlike me. Today we seemed reversed.




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