Fates Game-Elis Story

I recall a time when she remembered me. A time when I was happy. A time when she would smile, laugh and enjoy the feeling of being together. Now she has forgotten me and I have to win her back, or I will disappear forever.


4. Eli-Price to Pay

                            The snow was lighter now, I realized rubbing my hands together to warm them up. It must have been because Winter had left hours ago. By now though, the entire city was covered in a blanket of snow. I had been waiting for an hour or so now, waiting for Axel to leave this store she went in to. I figured it would be best if we talked alone first. That is how we talked when we met someone in her old world, maybe she would remember me so I would not have to introduce myself. I looked at my watch that had its hand still on the 12, it had frozen years ago, I just never had the will to wind it again. Winter and Fall tried to talk me into selling the thing but it meant to much to me. It was how much years I had left, to me it was a constant reminder of a death that was to come.

                          In my world we have a certain amount of time to be our normal selves. Since we are the kind known as the fey we must steal the hearts of those we love, whether it be our will or against it. Sometimes it happens on accident and the person we love fades to dust, or sometimes the become one of us and forget about their past. Years ago I promised myself to never steal a heart, and to do so I remained distant from others, trying hard not to fall in love once more. When you don't take hearts time gets taken off your life. But here I was, I realized, here I was waiting for Axel. I was waiting for her to leave the store so I could talk to her and love her once again.

                     Before I could chicken out she walked out of the store, she walked right towards me too.

                                         "Hey," I said walking with her.

                                        She huffed blowing blue hair out of her yellow eyes. "Hey," She fumbled with boxes in her hands.

                                          "Want some help?" I asked brushing some of my brown hair back.

                                         "Nah," she said setting the boxes down to put some bright yellow gloves on.

                                       "You sure do like yellow don't you?"


                                      "Do you only reply with one word?"

                                    She paused looking at me, then she laughed. "Ha, I like you kid."

                                    "I'm the same age as you."

                                    "I just call people kid. Just saying. Oh here we are!" She smiled turning to me, "Whelp bye!"

                                     "Wait," I shouted as she slammed the door in my face. Well, I thought to myself, that went well.



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