Fates Game-Elis Story

I recall a time when she remembered me. A time when I was happy. A time when she would smile, laugh and enjoy the feeling of being together. Now she has forgotten me and I have to win her back, or I will disappear forever.


11. Eli-

             It was just my luck when I walked into the story she was in yesterday. Sure enough there she was, I let out a breath I did not know I was holding. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was strangely relaxed when I was around her. Something about her calmed me.The walls where a creamy yellow, it matched the light brown and white tiled ground. Circular tables lined the walls, it made the place seem neat, orderly, and it had a calming environment.

            Looking up I noticed her. She seemed content her yellow eyes in a daze. A hand placed under her chin to keep her face up. It made me wonder what was on her mind. A bell rang behind me, I glanced behind me to see some blonde guy. He looked like he was in a bad mood. He walked right up to Axel and knocked the elbow from underneath her, making her face slam on the counter underneath her. He took of his black jacket and threw it across the room, making it land perfectly on the table across from him.

         "Gosh dang it Axel stop spacing out when we have customers." He glared at me his blue eyes changing red for a moment. "What do ya want?" He asked walking up to me, as he crossed his arms.

       "Jasper just leave me alone!"

       Geez, I thought, he sure seems nice. "I just came for some coffee."

      "Oh goodness not you again," Axel huffed. "This was the guy following me around the other day."

     He looked interested now, a smirk appeared on his face. "Oh really? This guy?" He laughed turning to Axel. "I gotta say Axel you sure are something. Whats your name?"


     Something flashed in Axels eyes, but she said nothing.

     "Hmmm it sure is snowing out there," the guy names Jasper said, changing the subject.

      "Oh yea." I replied noticing it for the first time.

      "Look Eli, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I say you should go home before a real storm starts. I mean its already snowed 4 inches in only a minute. I appreciate you coming her and all-" 

    "No," I bust out, Jasper looking shocked for a moment. "I mean....uh I really wanted some coffee."

     He narrowed his eyes, but turned to Axel anyways. "You heard the man, I will be back in a minuet." So he left Axel and I alone, the belling ringing as he left.

    "So," Axel said. "What kind of coffee would you like?"

   "Um Mocha Java."

    She nodded as she started to work on the coffee. In the silence she spoke, "So why were you following me?"


      "You heard me."

     "Oh," I could feel my face redden a little. "Well you see-" I was stopped short by a loud crashing noise. Lights started flickering and the tables started rocking. I fell to the floor as did Axel, her eyes widened as she looked at me. Looking back both of us must have looked so shocked. She crawled over to me unable to get up, "Whats going on?" She asked. Having no reply I shook my head. My heart pounded in my ears, the lights flickered faster and faster. Until they went out, everything was black and everything went silent. It was so quiet you could almost hear the snow outside. But then, a laughter erupted making both Axel and I jump.

     With shaky legs she stood, I grabber her arm trying to bring her back down. I knew who it was, we wouldn't be safe any longer. She looked down at me tearing her arm from my grasp. "We need to find out who did this fast." She whispered furiously.

     I knew I couldn't argue with her, Axel was as stubborn as an ox when it came to listening to reason.

            I stood joining her, she had the strangest look of determination in her eyes. It made me wonder if she had been through things like this. What had she been through since I last saw her? Had she seen things I would never have dreamed of in my lifetime? Or where we just on the same boat, living on the brink of destruction and fear? I was the first one to take a step forward but she followed close behind. The laughing did not stop for some time, it echoed throughout the room making it hard to track the noise. A light crashed down in front of us, making both Axel and I jump. Its shards gleaming even in the darkness around us. Gulping we continued trying to find the noise. I was about time I gave up on fear, I needed to stop being scared, so I could start making the right decisions in life. Axel placed a hand on my arm looking like she had second thoughts. But I kept going, it was about time I faced Fate. Her game was going to end. Here and now.

         We walked all the way to the back of the building and the only option was to go down. The laughing kept going it made me wonder if we really were doing the right thing. The basement was darker than the other rooms I could barely see my hand in front of me. My hand it something cold, and the laughing stopped. Purple lights flickered allowing me to see what the cold object was. I tried to hold back a scream because I was afraid of what it was. The lights showed me it was just a damp pipe in the middle of the room. Axel sighed behind me, she was relived also. A shadow lurked in the corner, my heart thumped in my ears know.  Another shadow appeared and another. Realizing if we did not move soon I dragged Axel back up the stairs. When we reached the top, both of us were breathing heavily. Taking a short break I slammed the door shut behind us, looking the shadows in the basement. Once I thought we were okay I dragged Axel to the door.

         Both of us stopped short realizing we were trapped. Snow had fallen blocking our escape, it covered half the door. I could see my breath, she could see hers. No wonder it was so dark, I thought to myself. We both were tired, "do you have the key to the door?" I asked as she fumbled through her pockets. Her hands found something and she pulled it out, it was the keys. But there was at least twenty of them. I almost did a face-palm. She ran by me trying all the keys she could before the shadows entered the room. I could hear the footsteps, thump, thump, thump. All the way up the stairs, they continued louder and louder. I could hear Axels quickening breath, it matched mine now. But I did not want her to know I was scared.  The door knob turned slowly opening to reveal the person I thought it had been all along.


       Axel turned slowly around her eyes widening even more know.

        "Hello Eli," Fate smiled grabbing Destinys hand. "Hi Axel." She spat venom in her voice. "Good to see you again."   

       I snorted shaking my head, "Yea good to see you too. I wouldn't necessarily call this a picnic."

     Destiny shook his head stepping forward, "why do you you to change your Fate Eli? Can't you see it just isn't possible? Stop being a fool."

     "I will keep trying to change my fate as long as you both are alive. I can make my life the way I want it to be."

      "I will be alive as long as you live." Destiny said sadness in his eyes.

       "What's that supposed to mean?"

       "Enough," Fate broke in stepping between us. "As much as I love a good fight. We came here for a reason Destiny." She looked into his eyes, placing a hand on his shoulder she continued. "You know what you must do."

        Nodding he closed his eyes, "you're right." He whispered. Opening his eyes he looked at me, determination in his voice he spoke up, "Eli you have been in search for Axel for years, now you have found her."

        "Wait what?" Axel said looking at me.

        Destiny raised a hand silencing her. "Axel you did not remember him until now, am I correct?" He waited for her to nod. "I see, so why not say something? This was all against Fates plan therefore I am sending you back in time. You will all start over in this game. I thought you might have a right to know. Of course," he chuckled to himself, "you will forget everything."

      "That isn't fair!" I said Axel agreeing.

       "Well life isn't fair," Destiny replied harshly, his eyes darkening.He raised a hand a black portal opening, golden numbers surrounded the portal, time, I realized. Axels hand clutched my arm she looked at me shocked, "I won't forget you Eli." She said. The portals strength was increasing as well as its size. We where slowly being dragged into the portal, having no where else to run.  Axel was the first to go, then it was my turn.  I could feel my memories being ripped from my mind, one after the other. I forgot my friends, my new life, and even my hopes and dreams. Eventually I closed my eyes, and everything went black.    



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