Fates Game-Elis Story

I recall a time when she remembered me. A time when I was happy. A time when she would smile, laugh and enjoy the feeling of being together. Now she has forgotten me and I have to win her back, or I will disappear forever.


1. Their Feelings for Her

            There was once someone I loved, someone I held close to my heart. She was special more special than anyone I had ever known in my life. Someone who loved me for being just me and I have to say I loved her, more than any words could say. More that the world itself, more that anything. For the first time in my life I had felt something other than anger, hatred and sadness. For the first time I actually had hope in my life. We knew each other for almost a year when I told her who I really was. It took almost a month for that secret to kill her.  I vowed never again would I love someone and trust them enough to keep my secret. Until I met someone. Someone much like her. Perhaps it was all part of Fates game something she would have to laugh at me. But this time I swear Fate will not get in my way...not this time.
                           Snow fell on the ground coating the once green grass in a beautiful white.  "December," I scoffed. "A time I would rather forget."
                           "Tough luck Eli," My friend Winter laughed coolly brushing back some of his silky brown hair. "Its comes every year, and when it is not taking place, you're stuck with me." He laughed once more his footsteps adding even more frost to the ground below us. I glared at him and he shrugged.  "Well what can I say? I was born this way, not my choice."  
                       "I know its not your fault. Its not your fault you're you and its not my fault I hate winter." Winter laughed making me realize something. "You're in a good mood today."
                         He paused looking at me, his blue eyes showing icicles inside of them, a smile grew on his face. "Ah you noticed, I was hoping you wouldn't so I could get away with it." I was about to question him when he ran off across the street chasing someone.
                   Probably a girl, I thought to myself as I continued on my walk. I walked for the rest of the hour and went home rather quickly, unlike Winter I can not stand the cold, not anymore. Now I sat in the kitchen under a chandelier light drinking coffee alone like usual.
                      "Hmmm how pitiful," Fate appeared through a black portal her snow white hair shining like her purple eyes. I shivered as she looked down at me, I had to stand to not be under her gaze. She smiled as I did nodding her head. "You're all alone? But your a fey aren't you? The last time I checked Eli you have to have someones heart or you will die...we would miss you wouldn't we? But," She grabbed my arm forcing me to sit. "You are weak already."
                      She was right, even I could fell it.  "I'm not weak its just-"   
                                 "Just what? Did you catch a cold?" She laughed waving her arm in the air. "We all know you cant catch a cold. Perhaps you are not weak but maybe your missing your dearest human?" She tilted her head as I tried not to cringe at how she said dearest. Fate is someone you do not mess with. "Hmmm thought so-"
                                   "Leave him alone," Winter stormed in, the door slamming open.
                             "Do not mess with me Winter," Fate said her voice showing she was in command.
                         "No don't you mess with me," He said a blizzard entering the room around him. His blue eyes filled with icicles, "Or Eli." The lights flickered and more snow entered.
                          Fate paused a smile growing on her face, "Very well you will have your way Winter, for now at least. But I warn you do not make the same mistakes as the others around you or you will regret ever denying me." She opened a portal leaving to who knows were, her voice echoing off in the distance.
                  I turned towards Winter his face paler than normal. "Thanks Winter I-"
                     He shook his head the snow vanishing, "Its fine just, just stick up for yourself okay. I wont be here to stick up for you forever."
               I nodded letting the silence fill in what we did not want to say. Fate was up to something and we both knew it.
        "Eli, wake up." A squeaky voice said waking me up. My mind was hazy, when had I fallen asleep? Once I finally opened my eyes, I saw a smiling Summer. His green eyes held a field of grass with a sunset far off in the distance. He laughed childishly as he jumped up and down in my lap. "Eli, Winter told me to come get you, because he thinks you're depressed-Oops!" He gasped his eyes widening, "I've said to much. Oh no Winters going to kill me. Oh no! Oh no Eli don't tell Winter please-"
                       I laughed pushing Summer off me, "I wont Summer."
           He instantly relaxed a smile reappearing on his face. Nodding he grabbed my hand pulling me away. "He says he wants you to go to the Human World, I cant tell you why its classified. I feel like a spy or something."
                     Smiling I let him drag me across the hall, kids were an unusual sight here in the palace. Oh...It seems I may have forgotten to talk about the palace. I live in a parallel world the 3rd one out of 36. Here lies the palace one of the few places here and in it lives us fey, short for faeries, a queen of course and her annoying daughter named Axel. A few months ago she had dissipated leaving us with a quiet home. I wouldn't say I missed her...a lot.... Anyways  Summer was dragging me down the hall with no choice I followed him, I knew whatever Winter wanted was important. So important he had to trust Summer, a five year old kid might I add,  with the job of getting me.

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