Southern Constellations

Romany Fitzgerald wishes one day to lead a frivolous and harmonic life pursuing her dreams, but first, she must complete the exhausting challenge of being an actual teenager. Romany believes her vicinity is filled with people who just do not understand, in fact, nobody understands. Most of all, there's a person she would give her left arm to avoid.

Austin Orion.

Hell-bent on bringing beautiful chaos into Romany's life, can Austin and Romany build a steady friendship on the ruins of a lifetime of hatred? This seems far too surreal for Romany, but she is unknowing of the hell and torment waiting for her around the corner; she was yet to lose possibly the most important thing she had in the world; music.
But she still has the constellations for guidance; looking for answers in a world that doesn't know the question, can Romany delve deeper into what is meant to be and follow her heart?

Did fate fall short this time?

A/N: Rated red for bad language and trauma.


7. Seven


Much to my surprise, the very next morning, just before I was about to get out of bed on a gloriously sunny morning, my phone began ringing.

The caller was unknown and after standing up I had to stop for a couple of seconds, my mouth was a little dry and I lost my balance momentarily. After shaking myself to wake up, I picked up the phone and held it to my ear.

“Hello?” I said, unknowingly.

“Hi Romany,” came a perky voice on the other side of the phone, it took a few seconds to remember what human being that very voice belonged to. Think, Romany, think. Of course!

“Oh! Hey Grayson.”

“How’re you feeling this morning?”

“I’m OK, a little tired but I’m fine, how about yourself?”

"I’m just peachy, I was wondering if—" there was a long pause on the other end, and I looked at the phone, as if it would make all the difference, “if you,” he drew out a long breath and continued, “wanted to go out for dinner tonight?”

"I, uh—"

“You know, seeing as I lost our little bet we had.” I could practically hear his smirk, and I laughed lightly.

“Sure, OK, that sounds good.”

“Great, how about I pick you up around seven from the corner of Lauderdale Avenue?” That wasn’t too far from my house so I agreed.

“Sure, I’ll see you then, bye Grayson.”

I hung up, astonished that I had been asked out to dinner. Me! Of all people. I was trying my hardest to hide my panicking and flustered self, but soon I realized I couldn’t do this alone. I rang Grace; she’d know what to do.


“Woah, woah, it’s ten in the morning, on a Saturday, this better be important.”

“It is! I have a date tonight! And I’m totally freaking out and I need your help A.S.A.P.”

A date!?” She shrieked. “Who, what, when, where, why? You never told me.”

“Chill out, I only found out myself like two minutes ago, now are you going to help me or not?”

“OK, OK, can I come over?”

“Sure,” I told her, and I began peeling clothing items from hangers and displaying them on my bed. Not long after the phone call, Grace had made her way up to my room, her blonde hair scraped up in a messy bun on top of her head.

“Right,” she said, running over to me in excitement, “spill! Is it Austin? Is it Vic? It's Austin, isn't it!?”

I laughed at her and shook my head, “no! He’s called Grayson,” I explained and gave her the rap about last night.

She tapped her finger against her chin in thought and pondered for a while, “so you need something practical, because you need to walk to meet him, but you need something that will make him go ‘wow’,” she made this expression with her face where she made her eyes really wide and opened her mouth. It made me laugh.

“So what do you suggest?”

She rifled through the clothes and discarded all of the clothes I had put on my bed, she rummaged in my drawers to find something. She pulled out a dress I never remember owning. It was an above knee-length burgundy lace dress with a collar and a ribbon encircling the waist. It was pretty, and I don’t even remember buying it.

“I think that was my sister’s,” I say, remembering that she gave it to me before she left for college; she thought it was too girly, – why she gave it to me I’ll never know, I’m the least girly dresser ever.

She found some shoes and handed them to me. I changed into the dress and tried it with the shoes; they were flats – thankfully – so I wouldn’t have to walk around like my legs were made out of lead for the rest of the day, which was a huge relief.

After making myself presentable for a ridiculous amount of time, messing around with Grace; discussing people, boys, the art assignment, and life, dancing around my bedroom to our favorite bands and scripting conversation for later that night, it was time to get going. Grace saw herself out, and I hesitantly began to leave the house. I explained to my parents, they were shocked, to say the least. I’m not surprised. It was nearing seven and I stupidly forgot to take a jacket, the nerves were bubbling up inside of me and clearly made me forget to bring the most essential piece of clothing for survival in this case.

I debated calling Grayson, and telling him I wouldn’t be able to make it, because I was about to keel over and die from hypothermia.

Thankfully I made it to the corner of Lauderdale Avenue in less than twenty minutes; it was dusk, so it wasn’t dark just yet. I wasn’t waiting for long before a beaten up car pulled up next to me, a black-haired, blue-eyed beauty got out of the drivers’ seat and smiled at me.

“Sorry it’s no Ferrari.” We shared a chuckle. “After you,” he grinned. He opened the passenger door and I slid in, thanking him.

He got in and started up his car once again; he placed his hands on the wheel, exposing his skinny arms, and began to drive. We exchanged chatter, talking about the weather, to where we were going – which Grayson refused to tell me – to how he was borrowing his friend’s car because he couldn’t afford his own because he was saving up to go to college, and how he wanted to be a music teacher when he's older. The entire time, though, I couldn't help but think of Austin, but I came to the conclusion he'd never go this far out of his way to take a girl to dinner, and that reassured me enough to enjoy the car ride with Grayson; despite the fraying of my nerves that unraveled further with each turning.

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